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Wrestling Bouts at Fairmont

The New York Times – December 20, 1913

Three bouts made up the programme of wrestling at the Fairmont Athletic Club in the Bronx last night, and a large crowd attended, witnessing some good wrestling of the catch-as-catch-can style.  The feature bout was between Paul Samson, the German giant, and Harry Litosky.  Samson had little difficulty in disposing of his adversary in straight falls, gaining the first in twelve minutes, with a body nelson, and throwing Litosky again after three minutes and forty seconds of tussling, with the same hold. Continue reading

Frank Gotch Surprises Manager Klank

Chicago Tribune – April 6, 1913

Emil Klank, manager of Frank Gotch, wrestling champion, returned to the city yesterday from Kansas City, where Gotch won an easy victory over George Lurich, the German grappler, Tuesday night. The champion’s manager said Gotch was as good as ever despite his long layoff, and declared the champion could beat the other contenders for his title just as easily as he did the German. Continue reading

Champion Got Start Via Defeat By Ringer

Chicago Tribune – March 30, 1913
By Harvey T. Woodruff

Frank A. Gotch, world’s champion wrestler, met a “ringer” in his first serious engagement on the mat. Gotch proved inferior to the scientific tricks of his opponent and was thrown, but the realization that it took Dan McLeod, then in his prime, one hour and forty-one minutes and forty-six minutes, respectively, to tumble him fully decided Gotch in his budding determination to become a champion grappler. Continue reading

Champion Gotch Is An Easy Winner In Straight Falls

Chicago Tribune – April 2, 1913

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 1 — Frank Gotch, champion wrestler, emerged from the retirement of his Humboldt (Ia.) farm long enough to take two straight falls tonight from George Lurich, the Russian strong man. Gotch won the first fall in 18:10, with an arm and toehold, and the second with a double nelson in 5:35. Continue reading