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Zebra Kid Unmasked By Rogers In Match

Columbus, Ohio, Star – August 10, 1957
By Armand Romano

If some disgruntled hombre were to rip the mask off the Lone Ranger, Tonto wouldn’t be nearly as surprised at his White Brother’s identity as the capacity Haft’s Acre crowd was last Thursday night (August 1, 1957) after the unveiling of the Zebra Kid. Continue reading

Bronk Whips Bollas, Sans Referee

Minneapolis Star – April 21, 1951

Bronko Nagurski and George Bollas, unimpeded by referee Wally Karbo’s presence, turned off the stops at the St. Paul Armory Friday night until the Bronk was declared the unofficial winner at 22:30 by the timekeeper. Continue reading

Noel Holmes’ Sports Talk

The Auckland Star – April 28, 1958

“You could sum it up,” said George Bollas sadly, “by saying I’m a schizophrenic.”

I goggled respectfully. “Split personality,” explained George. I murmured my thanks. Continue reading

Pepper Gomez Girds For Lou Thesz

Houston Chronicle – August 21, 1955

Pepper Gomez, one of the greatest Texas champions wrestling has had, gets a chance at the world’s heavyweight title when he meets Louis Thesz in the most important main event of the year at the City Auditorium on Friday night.

Continue reading

George Bollas New Greek Matman On Scene

Sports Pictorial Review, New York City – December 8, 1947
By Gene Held

Speed, speed and more speed seems to be the dictate of this day and age. Primo Carnera and the Swedish Angel had hardly left our town when another potentially great wrestler appeared on the scene in George Bollas, a young Greek heavyweight, who is hailed as successor to Jim Londos in color, personality and ability. Continue reading

George Bollas Turns Mat Pro

Columbus, Ohio, Citizen – January 26, 1947

George Bollas, Ohio State’s heavyweight wrestling champion of the Big Nine, has turned professional. The 345-pounder, after considerable deliberation, has decided to foresake the college field for the more lucrative pay-as-you-go professional. Continue reading

Primo Carnera is Mat Victor

Youngstown Times – April 22, 1947

Primo Carnera, former world’s heavyweight boxing champion, scored a victory over “Sandy” O’Donnell, St. Louis 242-pounder, in a wrestling exhibition at the Youngstown Arena last night. The show drew 1,830 fans for a gross gate of $2,862 and net $2,405. Continue reading

Bollas, Bronko Sign For Re-Match

St. Paul Dispatch – April 15, 1951

George Bollas, who lost his “rubber match” bout with Bronko Nagurski by disqualification, will get another shot at the former Minnesota football star. Continue reading