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Testy Tasker Awards Bout To Sammartino

Globe & Mail – September 27, 1965

Wrestler Johnny Powers caught referee Tiger Tasker in one of his no-trifling moods last night at Maple Leaf Gardens. The result was Powers was disqualified in the main bout with Bruno Sammartino at 16:18. Tasker awarded the one-fall match to Sammartino, a mighty pleasing decision to the crowd of 4,999. Continue reading

Whipper Retains Empire Title As Curfew Ends Kiniski Bout

Globe & Mail – September 24, 1965
By Steve York

They call it all-in wrestling in Britain and a look at the ending of the main bout at Maple Leaf Gardens last night showed why. There was Gene Kiniski…

What? The result? Oh, that was a draw between Whipper Watson and Kiniski. The 11 o’clock curfew halted the one-fall match for the British Empire heavyweight championship at 30:32 and referee Tiger Tasker ruled the outcome a draw. That meant Watson retained the title. Continue reading

TV Forces Cancellation Of Mat Show

Globe & Mail – June 5, 1952

Television, the dread enemy of professional sports, fired its first fatal shot at Toronto entertainment yesterday.

Promoter Frank Tunney, cognizant that Toronto’s 20 or 30 thousand TV sets will be tuned in on the Walcott-Charles heavyweight title fight this evening, has canceled his wrestling program scheduled for Maple Leaf Gardens tonight.

Cancellation was, by popular request of Tunney’s dearest friends and gentlest hearts – the wrestling customers. On bended knees, they besieged his Church St. headquarters, and in broken voices beseeched him via telephone to make it possible for them to see the fight on TV tonight, and the Whipper Watson-Hans Hermann wrestling epic with Jack Dempsey refereeing as well. Whew!

The only way Tunney figured he could lend his friends a helping hand was to postpone the Watson-Hermann-Dempsey program until next Thursday. Which he did. Customers who have already purchased tickets for the wrestles tonight will have them honored for next week’s date.

Toronto TV sets will pick up tonight’s title fight over Buffalo station WBEN at 10 o’clock, while radio listeners can tune in for a blow-by-blow account over CJBC at the same time.