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What Sam Says: Auburn Avenue

Pittsburgh Courier – August 22, 1953
By I. P. Reynolds

It’s the Elks Sports Night, Wednesday, Aug. 26.  There will be an all-girl tag team wrestling match.  Names of those participating are Babs Wingo, Betty White, Kathleen Wimberley, and Ethel Johnson.  Thirty-six rounds of boxing.  Dusty Freeman vs. Ike Hart, ten rounds; Hoyt Nummaly vs. Baby Beans, eight rounds, and other matches, Tuesday night, 7 o’clock, at Herndon’s Stadium.

Mean Girl, Good One To Wrestle In Cape; Tag Event On

The Southeast Missourian – July 10, 1953

An unusual feature wrestling match has been scheduled for Saturday night at the Arena.  Ethel Johnson and Babs Wingo, both Negroes, will grapple for a regulation match, two out of three falls, 60-minute time limit. Continue reading

Wally Dusek Meets Henning At Coliseum

Miami Daily News – March 18, 1953

A co-feature wrestling card has been scheduled for tonight at the Coliseum starting at 8:30 p.m.

In the first half, Wally Dusek of the Dusek riot squad will meet Johnny Henning in a two out of three falls match with a one hour time limit. Continue reading

Girls Please Crowd At Wrestling Show With Holds Galore

The Southeast Missourian – July 13, 1953

Ethel Johnson put up a clean, clever fight Saturday night in the wrestling show at the Arena and quickly won the last two falls from her heavier opponent.  Babs Wingo, who had won the first with dirty play that would rival Red Roberts, capped by an “atomic drop” and a body press.  The “atomic drop” is a back breaker across the knee. Continue reading

Beef-Type Men, Girlies To Wrestle In Separate Bouts Scheduled Tonight

The Southeast Missourian – July 11, 1953

Plenty of action is forecast for tonight at the Arena when Ed and Herb Welch team up against Red Roberts and Rube Wright in a tag-team match, for two out of three falls and a 60-minute time limit. Continue reading

Cowboy Helps Ricki Starr Win

The Victoria Advocate – December 3, 1953
By John Lyons, Advocate Sports Editor

With Cowboy Carlson riding to the rescue to provide a thrilling finish, Bobby Socks Favorite Ricki Starr won the main event of Wednesday night’s wrestling program.

The decision came over the infuriated Stu Gibson and was awarded by groggy Marvin Jones, the referee with no expression. Continue reading

Triple Features Wrestling Card

Deseret News – June 18, 1957

Three action-packed mat features should make the old coliseum wrestling arena rock ‘n’ roll Friday when the local promoter presents the weekly program. Continue reading