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Managoff Is Mat Winner

St. Joseph News-Press – February 13, 1943

Bobby Managoff, sensational young Chicago wrestler, successfully defended his world heavyweight championship against the challenge of Orville Brown last night at the Auditorium in the featured bout of a card that was filled with action. Continue reading

Elviry Wins Her Contest

St. Joseph News-Press – January 30, 1943

Elviry Snodgrass last night got the vindication she has been seeking since she was eliminated in the women’s wrestling tournament when she defeated Mae Young in the featured bout of the weekly Eagles Lodge show at the Auditorium. Continue reading

Angel Defeats Luttrall in Mat Main

The San Antonio Light – August 1, 1940
By Doc Shaw

Wrestling Results
Maurice “The Angel” Tillet won from Cowboy Luttrall.
Ede Virag defeated Hank Metheney.
Wee Willie Davis beat Pat Fraley.
Nick Elitch drew with Len Macalose.

M. Maurice “The Angel” Tillet, wrestling’s latest and most hideous oddity, defeated Cowboy Luttrall in straight falls in the main event of Harry Coffman’s wrestling show at the Sunken Garden Wednesday night.

The Angel, 36 years old and only 5 feet 8 ½ inches tall, weighs 276 pounds and is declared by anthropologists to be the world’s strongest man.  With the body of a great ape and a head of a gargoyle he uses only power holds to squeeze his victims out of the picture.

Slaps Him Around

Luttrall tried out his hoary tape technic and when it failed to click tried an assortment of socks.  Tillet came back with an open-handed slap that dropped the Cowboy out of the ring on his whiskers.  Finally at 14:35, the Angel nailed his opponent with a terrific bear hug and finished him off with a smother.

The final fall was more of the same with Luttrall all through at 6:15 under the pressure of another bear hug.

Ede Virag, the classy Hungarian, was unable to show his usual nifty work in his match with Hank Metheney.  Metheney, unable to match holds, started to mix it up at the gong and had to be socked loose from several verboten holds when he refused to break.

After repeated warnings Hank was disqualified when he continued to rub Ede’s eyes in the ropes.

Davis Beats Fraley

Wee Willie Davis, the alley brawler, defeated popular Pat Fraley in the second preliminary.  Pat took on a lot of weight but turned in a creditable performance.  Pat was eliminated at 23:40 when Willie swished him all over the place in a rolling headlock.

Nick Elitch and Len Macaluso stole the show with their 20-minute draw in the opener.  Fast as a couple of wildcats, these two babies gave it the works while the crowd screamed their approval.

There were 1260 paid customers at the matches, with 117 pass-holders.  The net “gate” was $906.18.

Tampa Grapple Card Monday

St. Petersburg Times – January 27, 1963

Tampa – Wrestling will switch to Monday night at the Fort Homer Hesterly Armory tomorrow night for two weeks and promoter Cowboy Luttrall has capped his four-event program with a six-man Australian tag team match with Wild Red Berry and Saul Weingeroff in action.

Berry and the Kangaroos, Roy Heffernan and Al Costello, will meet Weingeroff and Kurt and Karl Von Brauner under Texas death match rules on a winners-take-all basis.  Regular falls will give wrestlers rest periods of one minute but will not count toward the decision.  Action will continue until a team concedes or wrestlers are unable to answer the bell.

Other events arranged by promoter Luttrall are Reggie Parks vs. Hiro Matsuda, Don Curtis vs. Billy Parks, and Harry Smith vs. Dale Lewis.