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Miss Nelson Stays Limit

The Pittsburg Press – March 17, 1910

Last night at Harry Williams’ Academy Miss Cora Livingston, the champion female wrestler of the world, failed to throw Miss May Nelson of Pittsburg in the specified time of 15 minutes, thereby losing the forfeit money.  The match was wrestled catch-as-catch-can, with strangle holds barred, and was the outcome of Monday night’s encounter, when Miss Livingston failed to throw the local woman.  The same wrestlers will meet Friday evening in a bout to the finish.  Charles Rieneke will referee.


Miss Dunn Gains Decision

The Pittsburg Press – December 6, 1911

After one of the roughest and most exciting matches ever seen at Harry Williams’ academy, Margaret Dunn, the Northside girl wrestler, was given the decision over Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world, last night. Miss Livingston met a lively and skilled opponent in Miss Dunn. They were then matched for a finish for a $30 purse for Thursday night.

Milwaukee Girl After World Wrestling Title

The Milwaukee Sentinel – November 15, 1923

Department Store Basketball Starts Climb To Strong Arm Fame.

BOSTON – (Special) – From a girls’ basketball team to the calcium is hardly the usual route, but the fact that it has brought fame to one who has traveled the route, must speak for its practicability and effectiveness. Continue reading

Wrestling To A Finish By Women

The Pittsburgh Gazette Times – April 28, 1911

Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world, and May Nelson of the North Side, meet in a finish match at Harry Williams’ Academy tonight.  May O’Neill was thrown by Miss Livingston last night.

Sallie O’Connor Is Thrown

The Gazette Times – December 8, 1911

Sallie O’Connor, a girl wrestler from Cleveland, was thrown by Cora Livingston, champion of the world, at Harry Williams’ Academy last night, in a 10-minute bout.  Miss Livingston is to engage in a match at the Academy tonight with Miss Margaret Dunn of the North Side.

Female Wrestler Here

The Milwaukee Sentinel – September 25, 1910

Miss Cora Livingston, the Female Hercules and champion wrestler whose sensational work has been attracting general attention lately, will open an engagement at the New Star theater today.  During her engagement Miss Livingston will be open to meet any woman in a wrestling match and will forfeit $25 to any one she fails to throw in fifteen minutes.

Doings At The Lyceum

The Daily Times – March 6, 1912

Miss Cora Livingston, the champion woman wrestler of the world will go on with Miss Belle Wilson, of Cleveland, Ohio, a contender for the championship.

Mrs. Bowser Dies; Was Mat Champ

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – April 23, 1957

LEXINGTON, Mass., April 22 (AP) – Mrs. Cora B. Bowser, 71, wife of wrestling promoter, Paul Bowser of Monaca, Pa., and a former wrestler herself, died last night in New England Baptist Hospital, Boston. Continue reading

Question Box For Sport Fans

Reading Eagle – October 9, 1942

Q. Have you any information about Cora Livingston, famous woman wrestler many years ago?

A. She was a great woman wrestler who held the world championship and the Richard K. Fox Gazette belt in the period between 1888 and 1895.  She was also a club swinger, and traveled about the country, following the route mapped out by John L. Sullivan for her exhibitions.  She has been dead many years.

News Of The Stage And Players

The Pittsburg Press – October 29, 1916

Cora Livingston 10-29-16


Cora Livingston, who has long held the reputation as champion woman wrestler of the world, will appear in exhibition matches at the Academy theater this week with “The American Beauties,” a merited burlesque organization headed by the irresistible comedian, George Milton.  Miss Livingston will meet all comers and has already issued challenges to several well-known local female wrestlers.  She has offered a purse to anyone whom she cannot throw in a certain period of time.