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Jim Londos Meets Dangerous Foe

Los Angeles Times – February 19, 1933

Oki Shikina’s chances of breaking Jim Londos’ three and a half-year winning streak over the greatest heavyweights in the country when they clash in a three-fall mat battle at the Olympic Wednesday night are being rated very high as the result of the title-holder’s agreement to tangle with the Japanese star in a mixed bout — jiu-jitsu and catch-as-catch-can.

One or more of the falls of this battle will be competed for in the jiu-jitsu style of wrestling, and Shikina is as much of an expert in this type of mat work as Londos is in the American, or catch-as-catch-can.

A toss of the coin will decide what style shall be used for the first fall, and even should Londos win the toss, mat experts figure Shikina smart enough to play a waiting game with the titleholder and make his big bid for a win during the second fall, when both grapplers would be required to don the jiu-jitsu jackets.

Although Londos has had some experience wrestling with the Japanese jackets, he is far from being rated in the same class with Shikina. The 23-year-old, 205-pound Nipponese star is rated a No. 3 man by the National Judo Society of Japan. In getting this rating Shikina had to prove he was an expert in the use of every trick and hold known to jiu-jitsu. He had to prove he had the strength and ability to compete against the best in the world in this style of wrestling.

When Londos faces Shikina with the jackets, he will face the biggest risk he has taken on the mat since winning the world’s title. Strangling is done quicker and easier with the jacket than any style of wrestling known to the game. Unless one is a real expert at the Japanese style of wrestling, defense against the strangle is impossible.

A strong supporting card will precede the feature event.  George Kotsonaros, the fiery Greek, faces Vic Christy in the semi-wind-up. Wladek Zbyszko, former world’s Graeco-Roman champion, will tangle with Don De Laun in the special; Henry Graber faces Rudy Skarda in the second bout, while Walter La Core and Clyde (Wildcat) Miller meet in the opener.