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Wrestlers’ Wrath in Girl Feature

St. Petersburg Times – August 12, 1954

A couple of female wrestlers practically threw last night’s Armory wrestling crowd into hysterics when they suddenly took out their wrath on the referee. Continue reading

Mat Show a Melee Mixup With Bouts Inside and Out

Binghamton Press – November 13, 1958

San Jose, Cal. –(AP)–When Fritz von Goering plays a bad guy, he plays a bad guy.

Fritz is a wrestler–the kind they love to boo.  But last night the fans in San Jose Civic Auditorium did more than that.  They chased “the villain” right into the street.

The bad guy had one friend, fellow grunt-and-groaner Clyde Steeves, who was slashed in the arm while protecting his buddy from an irate, knife-wielding fan.

The troubles of Fritz – and Clyde – began when Von Goering and his good guy opponent, Nature Boy Rogers, started chasing the referee down an aisle.

Up strode an unidentified fan, a sneer on his face and a knife in his hand.  Steeves, sitting in the audience, jumped up to block the knife thrust.  He got it in the arm.

Then about 200 of the 2,000 or so spectators took out after Von Goering.  Nature Boy, taking no chances, decided to sprint, too.  Steeves trotted to a hospital.

Unable to catch the villain – or even the hero – fans started bashing each other in a wild melee in the parking lot.  Police broke it up before any damage was done.

They are still looking for a man with a knife and two wrestlers, a good guy and a bad guy.