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Chyna Exits WWF

Orlando Sentinel – July 15, 2001
By Ric Russo

Now she’s just Joanie Laurer.

Recently in his weekly Ross Report, WWF official Jim Ross reported contract negotiations between Laurer — a k a Chyna — and the WWF had broken off. Continue reading

Pro Wrestling Takes Bite Out Of ABC

Ocala Star-Banner – January 17, 1999
By Richard Burton

For those of you who need more proof of how well pro wrestling has caught on, just look at the bite it took into Monday Night Football’s viewership this past year.

Thanks to the 9.2 million viewers who watched Nitro and Raw on Monday nights during the fourth quarter of 1998, Monday Night Football had to endure the lowest ratings in its 29-year history. Continue reading

Big Men Put On A Weak Show

River Cities Reader – September 28, 2000

It’s not shocking to see muscle-bound, sweaty men with beer bellies, tattooed pythons, and long, greasy hair all wrapped up in tiny bikini briefs. What is astounding is that thousands of men, women, and children paid good money to watch them at WWF at The Mark – and loved it. Continue reading

One Trip To See Pro Wrestling

Charlotte Observer – June 10, 2000
By Ken Garfield, Religion Editor

Some people might find the descriptions below offensive. But to understand the popular world of professional wrestling, we believe you need to understand exactly what children are cheering on in arenas and on television. Continue reading

Mike Tyson Wrestling With Credibility

Boston Globe – March 27, 1998
By Shira Springer

”Access?” said the World Wrestling Federation’s media relations manager, Jay Andronaco. ”To the superstars? I don’t know. These things get pretty unpredictable.” The man knows what he markets. For the final act of yesterday’s promotional ”public workout,” Stone Cold Steve Austin found Mike Tyson’s fists in his face after champion Shawn Michaels set up Austin for a super kick. Michaels left the ring, perched on top of a limousine, and mooned the crowd. Continue reading