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Cullum’s Column

Minneapolis Morning Tribune – March 20, 1952
By Dick Cullum

The phone here has been buzzing with hot words from wrestling fans who went to the auditorium Tuesday night.

A few have been contending they are entitled to get their money back because of what happened. Continue reading

The Grunt And Groan Industry Has A Problem

Jack Dempsey’s Sports Magazine – June 1938
By Marcus Griffin

On a soft, summer night in June, 1937, there was but one World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. His name was – and still is – Dean Detton. He was an odd sort of fellow, this champion. His spare moments were spent filling the duties of a Deacon in the First Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church. Continue reading

Mighty Nagurski Preferred Quiet Life

Minneapolis Star Tribune – January 10, 1990
By Patrick Reusse

Ron Nagurski was on the phone from the family homestead on Rainy Lake in northern Minnesota.

”I’m looking around the house,” Ron said. ”There are a few pictures, a few interesting things, but it isn’t a monument to Dad or anything like that. The house never had a trophy room. I think Dad knew his place in history, but it didn’t seem to matter that much to him.” Continue reading

Bronko Nagurski Citizen Now

Associated Press – December 12, 1938

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn. – Bronko Nagurski, the 230-pound former Minnesota All-America fullback, since turned wrestler, today became an American citizen. Continue reading

Nagurski Wins Over Joe Savoldi

Washington Post – November 11, 1938
By Lewis F. Atchison

Coming events did a little shadow-casting before, perhaps, last night in the brightly lighted battlepit at Turner’s Arena where Minnesota tossed Notre Dame for a goal in the feature wrestling bout. What with the Gophers and Irish meeting on the gridiron tomorrow, last night’s finish may have been an omen. Continue reading

Six World Title Matches Tonight!

Associated Press – November 17, 1938
By Paul Mickelson

NEW YORK – Battling Pistone, who is our wrestling editor simply because nobody else will have any truck with the mysterious business, today tried to peddle his job. Even Pistone, a carefree fellow with a love for figures, couldn’t endure the modern trend in the grunt industry when he discovered the “world heavyweight wrestling championship” will be defended in six different cities tomorrow night. Continue reading

Gorgeous George Small Potatoes To Great Togo

Ottawa Citizen – January 25, 1950
By John Barrington

NEW YORK – About all you need nowadays to become a wrestler is a gimmick.  Of course, a good set of muscles is no handcap.  But unless you’re a Tibetari sheepherder, the seventh son of a seventh son, or at least a battered up football player, you might as well give up. Continue reading

Paavo Applies Final Touches To Mat Card

Tacoma News-Tribune – October 9, 1953

Completion of this Friday night’s Bronko Nagurski-Luther Lindsey wrestling card, which also features a meeting between Frank Stojack and the Masked Marvel, was announced Thursday by promoter Paavo Ketonen. Continue reading

Nagurski To Appear Here

Tacoma News-Tribune – October 4, 1953

Bronko Nagurski, one of the nation’s all-time football greats and likewise a standout heavyweight wrestler through the years, will be making two Tacoma appearances during the coming week. Continue reading

Bronk Whips Bollas, Sans Referee

Minneapolis Star – April 21, 1951

Bronko Nagurski and George Bollas, unimpeded by referee Wally Karbo’s presence, turned off the stops at the St. Paul Armory Friday night until the Bronk was declared the unofficial winner at 22:30 by the timekeeper. Continue reading