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Volkoffs, Fargos ‘Scarlet’ Battle Ruled No Contest

Milwaukee Sentinel – December 1, 1958
By Ed Bryl

Red was a mighty distracting color in Saturday night’s wrestling feature at the Arena – for the jousting “bull-y” boys, Don and Jackie Fargo and Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, as well as for many of the 3,876 rabid critics – who saw the big whing-ding come to a messy close as a “no-contest.” Continue reading

Thesz, Kowalski Meet Thursday

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – July 25, 1954

Two cards of mat exhibitions are on the slate this week and a special bill at the Civic Auditorium Thursday night with Lou Thesz, boss of the heavyweights, meeting Wladek (Killer) Kowalski in the windup. Other events Thursday: Continue reading

Thesz Takes Mat Match

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – July 30, 1954

Lou Thesz of St. Louis defeated Wladek Kowalski of Michigan in two out of three falls in the feature wrestling match at the Civic Auditorium Thursday night. Thesz won the first and last fall.

In the semiwindup, Kay Bell won from Ben Sharpe, who was disqualified. Roger Mackay and Buddy Knox went to a draw. Frank Stojack beat Scotty Williams, one fall. Bud Rattal was disqualified against Danno McDonald and Henry Lenz took the one fall from Bronco Lubich.