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Matsuda And Reynolds Next

El Paso Herald – May 25, 1920

Jobus To Meet A. Jiminez

EL PASO is to be the scene of a wrestling contest for the welterweight title of the world between Matty Matsuda and Jack Reynolds, present holder of the title, on June 8. Continue reading

Irslinger Loses To Brown

El Paso Herald – May 26, 1920

Texan Takes Two Hard Falls

PET BROWN’S nimble right foot, used as a defensive measure in breaking a head spin and toe hold sent Henry Irslinger to the ropes in a dazed condition and ultimately won the first fall of a two out of three match for the Texas star Tuesday night at Liberty hall. Continue reading

Brown Arrives Fit And Ready

El Paso Herald – May 25, 1920

Meets Henry Irslinger Tonight

PET BROWN, until lately retired middleweight wrestling champion of the world arrived in El Paso Monday night from his home in Cisco, Texas, fit and ready to meet Henry Irslinger, of Atlantic City tonight in a titular match, best two falls out of three, no time limit at Liberty hall. Continue reading

Henry Irslinger Is Confident

El Paso Herald – May 24, 1920

Believes He Will Best Brown

So confident is Henry Irslinger, former wrestling champion, that he will be the victor in his match with Pet Brown Tuesday night at Liberty hall that he has asked business manager John McIntosh to make the match at catchweights. Continue reading

Irslinger Is Heavily Backed

El Paso Herald – May 20, 1920

Many Fans Think He Will Win

Undaunted by the impressive string of victories of Pet Brown, Texas favorite, conqueror of Mike Yokel, Charlie Rentrop and scores of others, Henry Irslinger is coming to El Paso heavily backed to win his engagement with the southern champion next Tuesday night in Liberty hall, best two falls out of three. Continue reading