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Tag Match Is Feature

Sarasota Journal – January 27, 1953

Violet Viann and Helen Hild will meet Mars Bennett and Barbara Baker in a tag team wrestling match at the American Legion Coliseum tonight as the gal grapplers return to Sarasota. Continue reading

Miss Barbara Baker Mat Feature Victor

Sarasota Journal – March 25, 1953

Miss Barbara Baker, Charleston, WestVa., outlasted her four wrestle royal opponents at the American Legion Coliseum here last evening and local grappler Bob Ford trimmed Jack Wentworth as about 500 grunt and groan fans looked on.

Miss Helen Hild was the first to lose on the girls’ match, Miss Ethel Brown and Miss Mars Bennett following.  Bennett beat Brown and then Miss Baker pinned Miss Dot Dotson in the headliner.

Ford gave up after 16 minutes in the first fall, winning the last two tiffs in 4 ½ minutes and 1 ½ minutes.  Ford will meet Gorgeous George here next Tuesday.