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Tag Champs Retain Belts With Victory

Savannah Morning News – February 4, 1977

Mister X, a reportedly well-paid replacement for Ric Flair, pinned Rufus R. Jones in 21 minutes of the bout, and Greg Valentine and Flair retained their world heavyweight tag team wrestling title at the Savannah Center Thursday night.

Mister X, a 230-pounder from Europe, was filling in for Flair, who, along with Valentine, holds the world title, while Flair was recuperating from an appendectomy. Jones was joined by Paul Jones in challenging for the title. The bout was the main event on the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Alliance card.

The Hollywood Blondes, Buddy Roberts and Jerry Brown, also maintained their status as champions of the Mid-Atlantic tag team mats by defeating challengers Red Bastien and Rick McGraw. Again, it took the champs 21 minutes to win when McGraw was pinned.

In other preliminary bouts, Kim Duk used a Korean sleeper hold to dispose of Danny Miller in 16 minutes, Johnny Eagle whipped his foe Rick Ferrara with a reverse roll-up in 14 minutes and Dr. Fujinami used a roll-up to beat Lanny Poffo in 15 minute.

Following the matches, David Crockett, representative for Jim Crockett Promotions, Inc., which brings the wrestling to Savannah, announced the mat wars would return to Savannah next week (Feb. 10) with Blackjack Mulligan, the U.S. heavyweight champion, putting his title up against Paul Jones in the main event. Rufus R. Jones will challenge Greg Valentine for the TV title in the semifinal match.

Ticket prices will remain the same — $5 for ringside, $4 general admission and $2 for children’s general admission – for next week’s program, and can be purchased in advance at Miller’s Market in Beaufort, S.C., and at Fox’s Family Restaurant in Savannah.

Feb. 10 (Thursday) — Rufus R. Jones beat Greg Valentine, Blackjack Mulligan beat Paul Jones dq (U.S. title defense), Buddy Roberts-Jerry Brown beat Bill Dromo-Frankie Lane, Ron Starr beat Bill White, Larry Sharpe beat Francisco Flores, Butch Malone drew Dr. Fujinami

Mar. 10 (Thursday) — Blackjack Mulligan drew Thunderbolt Patterson dcor (U.S. title defense), Wahoo McDaniel beat Kim Duk dq, Dino Bravo-Tiger Conway Jr. beat Mr. X-Brute Bernard, Jerry Blackwell drew Bill Dromo, Johnny Eagle beat Two-Ton Harris

Purple Haze Fades in Rhodes Match

St. Petersburg Independent – April 6, 1983
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – The main event at Fort Hesterly Armory Tuesday night was supposed to be between Dusty Rhodes and The Purple Haze.  It soon involved others, however; most of whom were scheduled for a nonsanctioned Lights Out Tornado match.  And it had all the earmarks of a tornado before the smoke cleared.

Rhodes was wearing goggles to protect his eyes from the repeat of a reported flame blown in his face in Lakeland last week.  He attacked his heavily muscled opponent before the bell in what appeared to be an attempt to end the match before the Haze could get started.

Rhodes barely managed to hold his own, but when he slipped a figure 4 on the Haze the scales tipped in Rhodes’ direction.  That’s when Kevin Sullivan suddenly appeared in the ring and broke it up.  Rhodes switched the hold to Sullivan, but in seconds Angelo Mosca and Frank Dusek joined the other two.

The referee couldn’t stop the attack, but he did declare Rhodes the winner on a disqualification.  That took seven minutes.  Meanwhile, Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham had entered the fray and taken some of the pressure off Rhodes.  For two minutes they took everything Mosca, Sullivan and Dusek could hand out.  Then Mosca caught Windham coming off the ropes and shoved him over the top and out of the ring.  The referee quickly stopped everything and gave the Lights Out Tornado match to Windham and Mulligan on a disqualification.

In the other matches: Scott McGhee suffered a beating by Bad Leroy Brown for the Florida Heavyweight title, but Brown was disqualified as he tossed McGhee back into the ring; Bob Heffernan was defeated by Terry Allen for the Global Tag Team title; Lone Eagle defeated Tiny Tom in the midget matches, and Brad Armstrong defeated The Professional.

Mulligan Defends Heavyweight Title

Savannah Morning News – April 17, 1977

The U.S. heavyweight wrestling title will be on the line Sunday night in the featured event of the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Alliance program at the Civic Center.

Blackjack Mulligan will defend his title against Dino Bravo as the first matches begin at 7:30 p.m.

In another big match, Ric Flair will face Rufus R. Jones. Jones was pinned earlier by Flair’s tag team partner, Greg Valentine, but a lot of the fans didn’t agree with the referee’s call. The match should prove to be a good one because Jones was angry that the referee had been knocked out of the ring and appeared groggy when the call was made.

Other wrestlers on the card will be the Hollywood Blondes, Buddy Roberts and Jerry Brown, taking on Ron Starr and Ken Novack. Big Bill Dromo will take on a tough Korean newcomer, Kim Duk. Johnnie Eagle and Larry Sharpe will open things up with the first fight on the card.