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Lightning Rod Draws Ire, Beaten On Foul

Eugene Register-Guard – October 5, 1934

“I never get dirty.  I just get a little rough!” Lightning Rod Fenton said Thursday night before his main event coast championship bout with Ben Sherman.  The Lightning Rod’s definition of a “little rough” does not agree with Referee Harry Elliott’s, and it was this factor which saved Sherman his title, before a handful of fans at the armory. Continue reading

Elliott And Fenton To Settle Grudge Tonight

Eugene Register-Guard – September 13, 1934

Verne Harrington Here To Serve As Neutral Official

1st bout, 30 minutes – Marine Jacobs vs. Don Sugal.  Best two out of three falls.
2nd bout, 45 minutes – Ben Sherman vs. Bulldog Jackson.  Best two out of three falls.
Main event, one hour – Harry Elliott vs. Rod Fenton.  Best two out of three falls.

The French Revolution had its reign of terror, the American Revolution its Boston tea party, and the Russian revolt its “ten days that shook the world.”  All three have been depicted in motion pictures, made the subject of voluminous texts, and expounded on by learned professors. Continue reading

Lightning Rod Loses On Foul In Wild Bout

Eugene Register-Guard – September 7, 1934

Lightning rods draw lightning.  Although no one has ever expressed any serious doubts on the matter, if there were any unbelievers in the crowd at the armory Thursday night they should have been converted. Continue reading

Weidner Pins Danny McShain

Los Angeles Times – May 28, 1940

A newcomer to local wrestling circles made his debut a successful one last night when Billy Weidner replaced Bob Gregory, who was injured this week, and won the two out of three fall main event matfest over Danny McShain at the Hollywood Legion Stadium. Continue reading

Ivan Gorky, Poppenheim Split Match

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 21, 1952

There’s trouble a-brewing at Fairgrounds Arena.

The Gorky brothers’ claim to fame has been squelched for the second time by arrogant Kurt Von Poppenheim, as Ivan Gorky failed to win Monday night over the powerful Prussian in an action-filled one-hour battle that ended in a draw. Continue reading

Poppenheim Defeats Cowboy Carlson

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 17, 1952

Kurt Von Poppenheim, virtual ruler of Fairgrounds Arena until his defeat last week by Herb Parks, hit the comeback trail Monday night (Jan. 14) as he downed Cowboy Orville Carlson, the Montana bronc-buster, in an action-packed, one-hour brawl. Continue reading

Poppenheim Defeated By Ivan Gorky

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 31, 1952

Kurt Von Poppenheim, the proud Prussian, finally met his downfall Monday night (Jan. 28) at Fairgrounds Arena in the person of bewhiskered Ivan Gorky, who gained a two-fall victory via the foul route. Continue reading