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Pro Wrestling Slated

Richmond County Daily Journal – August 11, 1971

Paul Jones and Nelson Royal 8-11-1971


Four action-packed matches are slated for the Rockingham Ball Park on Thursday, Aug. 19, at 8 p.m. as professional wrestling comes to Rockingham.

Paul Jones and Nelson Royal meet Art Nelson and Gene Anderson in the headliner. Nelson and Anderson aren’t winning many friends, but they are an impressive pair when they apply the pressure. Continue reading

Weaver Fighting Mad At Mention Of Nelson

Richmond County Daily Journal – February 23, 1971

Johnny Weaver George Becker 2-23-1971

Johnny Weaver and George Becker
…will appear at Rohanen Thursday night

Johnny Weaver and Art Nelson are much like the mongoose and the cobra.  They’re enemies to the very end and each meeting becomes a savage encounter.  They’ll clash once again in the Rohanen High School gym on Thursday night. Continue reading

Wrestling Slated Here

Richmond County Daily Journal – August 19, 1971

Penny Banner 8-19-1971

PENNY BANNER will match her skills against Belle Starr in one of three prelims slated for the Rockingham Ball Park tonight, The main event of the all-star card pits Paul Jones and Nelson Royal against Art Nelson and Gene Anderson. The card is sponsored by the Hamlet Jaycees.

Paul Jones and Nelson Royal, two extremely capable and popular professional wrestlers have a rough test ahead on the mat card at Rockingham Ball Park Thursday evening.

Jones and Royal collide with Gene Anderson and Art Nelson on the main event of the all-star program. It will be for two-of-three falls with a one-hour time limit. Continue reading

Verne Gagne, TV Mat Ace, Here Tonight

Atlanta Constitution – February 19, 1954

Verne Gagne, former University of Minnesota athlete and now the rage of TV wrestling fans, will make one of his few Southern appearances here tonight at the Municipal Auditorium. The program opens at 8:30 p.m. The sturdy Gopher is booked for a one-fall, 60-minute time limit feature bout against another TV mat star, Art Nelson of Montreal Canada. Promoter Paul Jones, who spent several weeks trying to get Gagne away from the big city promoters, says it will be one of the best matches staged here in several months. Nelson, a roughhouse battler, has promised to work the popular Gopher over in this match. Jones says advance ticket sales indicate a sellout by the 8:30 p.m. starting time. Supporting the big match will be Leo Numa against Frank Taylor, Omar Kyam versus Red McIntyre, and Walter Kameroff vs. Tinker Todd.

Five Girls At Beach Arena

Daytona Beach Morning Journal – January 30, 1953

Some of the oldtimers in sports can probably remember the time when Mildred Burke wasn’t the woman’s champion. Continue reading

Mars Bennett Emerges Tops In 6-Girl Bout

St. Petersburg Times – January 29, 1953

Mars Bennett proved to be the best woman of the lot at the Armory last night as she emerged undisputed winner of a six-girl wrestle royal before a standing room only crowd estimated at 1,700.

Mars won the distinction when she took final honors from Helen Hild, ex-MiamiBeach model, who succumbed to a Monkey Flip and a back drop in 10 minutes.  Miss Hild had survived the wrestle royal along with Miss Bennett to earn the right to appear in the subsequent one-fall, 30-minute match.

Doran O’Hara defeated Art Nelson when the men were finally given an opportunity to perform.

George Curtis downed Prince Omar when the Prince was disqualified for belting Steinborn, but not before Steinborn had retaliated with a few choice punches of his own.