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J. J. Dillon Comes In For A Crash-Landing

St. Petersburg Independent – September 28, 1983
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham went against Harley Race and Cowboy Ron Bass in the final match of the evening at Fort Hesterly Armory Tuesday night.  That was the scheduled lineup, but when Mike Rotondo was brought into the ring and introduced as the new Southern Heavyweight champion, he and James J. Dillon got into such a heated argument, the referee decided to put them in the match, too. Continue reading

Battering With A Chair Led To Disqualification

St. Petersburg Independent – July 6, 1983
Gene Taylor

Cowboy Ron Bass apparently thought he could beef up his chances against Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan Tuesday night if he rounded up Ox Baker for his partner in the Special Challenge wrestling match at packed Fort Hesterly Armory. Continue reading

Wrestlers Stir Q-C Mob Into Lather

Quad-City Times – December 12, 1984
By Craig Cooper

Give us your tired, your wretched, your poor, your weak-minded, your infirm, your zombies yearning to see blood spilled. Charge them $6, $8 and $10 per seat, and you’ve got a pro wrestling crowd. Continue reading

Rhodes Took It All The Way To The Balcony

St. Petersburg Independent – April 27, 1983
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – The things some referees will do to make a three-count. Tuesday night, referee Bill Alphonso chased Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, The Purple Haze and Kevin Sullivan all the way through the crowd and up to the balcony to give Rhodes a pinfall.

It started as a Lights Out Texas Cinch match between Dusty Rhodes and Kevin Sullivan. They were tied to opposite corners of the ring, Windham tying Sullivan and The Purple Haze tying Rhodes. The wrestler getting loose first would have an advantage, of course.

At the bell, the Haze went to assist Sullivan, and in less than a minute they had Rhodes on his knees and bleeding. But when Windham came charging into the fray, they fled the ring with Rhodes and Windham dogging their heels in hot pursuit, the referee following.

Finally, on the balcony leading to the dressing rooms, Rhodes and Windham caught their opponents and the battle broke out again. Nobody knows why the referee didn’t give them all a 10-count for being outside the ring, but when Rhodes pinned Sullivan after 6:09, he gave it to Rhodes.

Windham and Cowboy Ron Bass wrestled Angelo Mosca and Outlaw Bobby Dunkum, who hasn’t been seen in these parts since he lost a “loser leaves the state” match a few years ago.

Windham and Bass seemed to be controlling the match until Mosca jumped Bass from behind. Then, after the second free-for-all broke out, Windham was tossed out of the ring, paving the way for double-teaming on Bass.

The referee, who had been stunned during the last fracas, managed to spot Bass taking a vicious double-teaming attack and stopped the match. To the further delight of the crowd, as the bell sounded Windham attacked James Dillon, who was attempting to interfere for the second time during the match.

In the other matches: Terry Allen had a leg injury and had to forfeit a match with The Exotic Adrian Street; Scott McGhee and Brad Armstrong wrestled The Professional and Bad Leroy Brown to a time-limit draw; and Charlie Cook defeated Leroy Brown, who substituted for Frank Dusek.

Wrestling Returns To Civic Center

Savannah Morning News – November 19, 1976

Wrestling returns to the Savannah Civic Center Thursday when the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Alliance brings back Tim Woods, better known as Mr. Wrestling I, to team with Wahoo McDaniel in a featured tag team match against Blackjack Mulligan and Angelo Mosca.

Local promoter Aaron Newman said Wednesday that the Mid-Atlantic group will “bring some of the best talent in the world to Savannah in the coming year.”

Also on the Thursday night (action begins at 8:15 p.m.) program are Sgt. Jacques Goulet versus Tony Atlas, Mike “The Judge” Dubois against Johnny Eagle, Bill White against Danny Miller and Dr. Fugiani versus Bill Somers.

Admission will be $5 for the floor-level seats, with other adult tickets going for $4. Children’s admission price will be $2.

The Civic Center box office will open at 10 a.m. Thursday, and will remain open until the matches begin.

Nov. 11 (Thursday) — Mr. Wrestling I-Wahoo McDaniel beat Blackjack Mulligan-Angelo Mosca, Tony Atlas beat Sgt. Jacques Goulet dq, Mike Dubois beat Johnny Eagle, Bill White beat Steve Bolus (sub for Danny Miller), Dr. Fujinami beat Doug Sommers

Purple Haze Fades in Rhodes Match

St. Petersburg Independent – April 6, 1983
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – The main event at Fort Hesterly Armory Tuesday night was supposed to be between Dusty Rhodes and The Purple Haze.  It soon involved others, however; most of whom were scheduled for a nonsanctioned Lights Out Tornado match.  And it had all the earmarks of a tornado before the smoke cleared.

Rhodes was wearing goggles to protect his eyes from the repeat of a reported flame blown in his face in Lakeland last week.  He attacked his heavily muscled opponent before the bell in what appeared to be an attempt to end the match before the Haze could get started.

Rhodes barely managed to hold his own, but when he slipped a figure 4 on the Haze the scales tipped in Rhodes’ direction.  That’s when Kevin Sullivan suddenly appeared in the ring and broke it up.  Rhodes switched the hold to Sullivan, but in seconds Angelo Mosca and Frank Dusek joined the other two.

The referee couldn’t stop the attack, but he did declare Rhodes the winner on a disqualification.  That took seven minutes.  Meanwhile, Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham had entered the fray and taken some of the pressure off Rhodes.  For two minutes they took everything Mosca, Sullivan and Dusek could hand out.  Then Mosca caught Windham coming off the ropes and shoved him over the top and out of the ring.  The referee quickly stopped everything and gave the Lights Out Tornado match to Windham and Mulligan on a disqualification.

In the other matches: Scott McGhee suffered a beating by Bad Leroy Brown for the Florida Heavyweight title, but Brown was disqualified as he tossed McGhee back into the ring; Bob Heffernan was defeated by Terry Allen for the Global Tag Team title; Lone Eagle defeated Tiny Tom in the midget matches, and Brad Armstrong defeated The Professional.