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McGuirk Pins Ted Christy; Higami Wins From Singh

San Francisco Chronicle – December 13, 1935

Although Ted Christy insisted upon being an old meanie and doing things he shouldn’t have, everything turned out all right last night at the Civic Auditorium and Leroy McGuirk retained his light heavyweight wrestling title. Continue reading

McGuirk Wrestles Christy At Civic Auditorium

San Francisco Chronicle – December 12, 1935

Leroy McGuirk, recognized by the trade as light heavyweight champion, returns to action in San Francisco tonight when he tangles with Ted Christy, rugged Sunland heavyweight, in the two-hour, best two in three falls main event on Promoter Frank Schuler’s weekly program at the Civic Auditorium. Continue reading

Eagle Beats Ramos, Green, Kaye Draw

Eugene Register-Guard – September 27, 1975

Johnny Eagle was awarded the third fall in the main event of the professional wrestling card over Bull Ramos at the Lane County Fairgrounds Friday night, while Susan Green and Paula Kaye battled to a draw in a special women’s match. Continue reading

Young Hackenschmidt Wins From Pete Holtz

The Milwaukee Journal – December 1, 1936

Young Hackenschmidt defeated Pete Holtz of Chicago in the wrestling wind-up at Riverview rink Monday night.  Hack took the first fall with a leg strangle, lost the second on an airplane spin and took the third with a reverse body slam. Continue reading

Wrestlers At The Garden

The New York Times – December 25, 1911

 Zybszko to Throw Raicevich Three Times in 90 Minutes.

Madison Square Garden is to be the scene of another wrestling match tonight, when Stanislaus Zbyszko, the Polish Champion, and Giovanni Raicevich, title holder of Italy, will be the principals.  Zbyszko will undertake to throw the Italian three times within an hour and a half at catch-as-catch-can style.  Tom Jenkins, the former champion, who is now wrestling instructor of the Naval Academy at West Point, has been selected to referee the contest.  While the Italian persuaded Zbyszko into giving him a handicap, even the most ardent admirers of the Pole think that he is undertaking too much of a job, and the results is that Raicevich has been a decided favorite. Continue reading

TIME OUT with Maurice Smith

Winnipeg Free Press – March 15, 1947

We have always been under the impression that any woman who would take up the sport of wrestling to make a living must be something of a freak.  It was with this belief in mind that we journeyed to Grand Forks on Wednesday to see a couple of the gal spine-benders – Kitty Duvall and Gladys Hild – in action.  And see them we did along with close to 1,600 North Dakotans and Minnesotans, many of whom had driven as far as 50 miles to be on hand for the show. Continue reading

Savoldi Captures Londos Claim To Title

Associated Press –  April 8, 1933

CHICAGO – Jumping Joe Savoldi, who used to shatter football lines for Notre Dame, had one big area of the wrestling world rocking with claims and denials today.

Joe strode into the Chicago Stadium ring last night to tackle Jim Londos, claimant of the championship. To the amazement of 8,000 customers, he walked out with a one-fall victory after 20 minutes and 26 seconds of rough-and-tumble grappling. The match attracted a gate of approximately $12,000. Continue reading

Dusty Took The Low Rhodes To Defeat

St. Petersburg Independent – June 6, 1979
By Gene Taylor, Wrestling Correspondent

TAMPA – Dusty Rhodes proved last night at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory that two wrongs don’t make a right.  The two wrongs were done by him – on two referees.  And it cost him and his tag teammates their match. Continue reading

Elliott And Fenton To Settle Grudge Tonight

Eugene Register-Guard – September 13, 1934

Verne Harrington Here To Serve As Neutral Official

1st bout, 30 minutes – Marine Jacobs vs. Don Sugal.  Best two out of three falls.
2nd bout, 45 minutes – Ben Sherman vs. Bulldog Jackson.  Best two out of three falls.
Main event, one hour – Harry Elliott vs. Rod Fenton.  Best two out of three falls.

The French Revolution had its reign of terror, the American Revolution its Boston tea party, and the Russian revolt its “ten days that shook the world.”  All three have been depicted in motion pictures, made the subject of voluminous texts, and expounded on by learned professors. Continue reading

High Schools Find Professional Wrestling A Pot Of Gold

Orlando Sentinel – July 29, 1988
By Alan Schmadtke

MOUNT DORA — Gene Bebber can remember watching television as a child and changing channels to watch professional wrestling. It was something his friends did as well, he said, something about which they could see drama unfold with each fireman’s carry. Continue reading