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Dennis Rodman To Join Hulk Hogan In The Ring

Boca Raton News – March 9, 1997

CHICAGO – Basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman might finally find out just how bad he truly is.

The cross-dressing pro basketball star who wrote a book called “As Bad As I Wanna Be” has signed a deal to be professional wrestler Hulk Hogan’s tag-team partner this summer, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday. Continue reading

Wrestling And Racing Share The Bill

Valparaiso IN Times – April 27, 1997

CRETE – This was too good to be true, but the newspaper ad seemed to be legit.

Balmoral Park and Windy City Wrestling
Present – 1st Time Ever
Pro Wrestling
Featuring Wrestling and Racing
King Kong Bundy – Koko B. Ware
Midgets – 7 title matches
Bell – 5:30 Racing – 7:30

Surely, this was a joke, or something out of the Bill Veeck school of marketing.
You want entertainment? Come see Eddie Gaedel Jr. jump over the ropes, win the WCW midget title, and then guiding Sea Biscuit home in the fifth. Continue reading

Three Cheers For Alex ‘Pally’ Fidler

Cedar Rapids Gazette – June 2, 1997
By Gus Schrader

This column is long overdue. It is about Alex Fidler, a man who was an institution in Cedar Rapids for many, many years.

It was prompted by a letter from Betty Barger of Cedar Rapids, wife of the late Bill Barger, a United Airlines pilot. Betty asked about Alex’s son, Paul, who retired after a fine career as a United pilot about 20 years ago and moved to Florida. The writer also asked about Alex, a longtime friend of mine. Continue reading

Wrestle Royals

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – October 4, 1997

That Which We Call A Rose …

Here’s a real bunch of sweethearts, the guys who will be slammin’ it out at Badd Blood, this Sunday at the Kiel Center. Continue reading

While In The KC Star Files, Here’s Mr. Race

Kansas City Star – October 14, 1997
By Hearne Christopher Jr.

An outbreak of pro wrestling in the Cowtown? Definitely.

And smack in the middle is — who else? — KC’s own “Handsome” Harley Race. Continue reading

She Took News Of Bulldog’s Death Hard

Kansas City Star – February 17, 1997
By Marli Murphy

When I read the news that “Bulldog” Bob Brown had gone to that big rasslin’ match in the sky, I felt as if I’d been grabbed in an illegal choke hold. Continue reading

Yet Another Star Writer Remembers Bulldog

Kansas City Star – February 17, 1997
By Tom Smith

“Bulldog” Bob Brown built a strong relationship with his colleagues during his career in professional wrestling, and fans enjoyed his work in the ring. Continue reading

Flair The Epitome Of Wrestling

Charleston Post & Courier – February 20, 1997
By Mike Mooneyham

There haven’t been many 10-time world champions in professional sports – the Yankees, Celtics … and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Continue reading

Geigel Puffs Up With Pride Over Hawkeyes

Kansas City Star – March 24, 1997
By Tom Smith

It’s nothing new when Iowa wins an NCAA wrestling championship, but it still makes former Hawkeyes proud. Continue reading

Bulldog Bob Brown: A Really Nice Tribute

Kansas City Star – March 1, 1997
By Joe Popper

The recent death of former pro wrestler Bulldog Bob Brown produced an unusual outpouring of affection in these parts, and there’s no doubt, say his former colleagues, that Brown would have enjoyed the attention. Continue reading