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Dusty Rhodes Is Living His Own American Dream

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – August 12, 1981
John Brockmann, Sports Editor

There is a true sports superstar coming to town this week.  He’ll pack the house, just as he always does.  He’ll more than likely leave a winner, which he almost always does.

Sometime after 10 p.m. Friday night in Robarts Sports Arena, the chanting will begin.  “Dusty… Dusty… Dusty”  It’ll become louder and louder until becoming a near roar before the man appears. Continue reading

Manslaughter For Man Who Killed Midget Wrestler?

United Press International – February 14, 1981

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A jury is expected to begin deliberating a manslaughter charge next week against a 210-pound man who claims he accidentally shot and killed a midget wrestler because he was afraid the 80-pound victim would kill him. Continue reading

No Holds Barred

D Magazine – March, 1981
By Mike Shropshire

You wake up a couple of hours before dawn, feeling drained and strung out from the savage dream which seemed as if it wouldn’t end. Continue reading