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Lady Wrestlers

Jet – February 21, 1952

Billy Wolfe, a former wrestler turned manager-booker, broke color line in lady wrestling.

Billy Wolfe, a former wrestler turned manager-booker, broke color line in lady wrestling.

While most women spend hours on end perfecting glamour in an effort to land a husband or a good-paying white collar job, there is today a new corps of women who, forsaking glamour, devote their entire time to building muscles and brawn in order to compete in the age-old sport of wrestling.  Theirs is admittedly a rugged calling – one which sometimes results in bruises and broken bones – yet, they love it for: 1) thrills; and 2) the income.  For although Negro lady wrestlers are relatively new to sportsdom, they earn an average of $300 per week. Continue reading

Rocca, Thesz Wrestle To Draw Before 10,400

Los Angeles Times – September 11, 1952
By Don Snyder

Nobody would have guessed it, but last night’s rhapsody in black and blue at jam-packed Olympic Auditorium wound up in a one-all draw. However, it was Argentine Rocca who emerged the hero and the champ; Lou Thesz, the chump.

A bellowing gathering of 10,400 and some odd fans, some very odd, made more noise than inside a popcorn popper as they chunked in a gross gate of $33,434.75 to jeer and cheer and modern he-men of wrestling to their tie. Continue reading

Thesz, Rocca In Nontitle Tilt Tonight

Los Angeles Times – September 10, 1952
By Don Snyder

King Louis Thesz, heavyweight champion of the wrestling world, puts all but his title on the block tonight at Olympic Auditorium where he risks his reputation, his health, his pride and other vital valuables against Argentine Rocca.

And the house will be as crammed as sardines in the can. Continue reading

Argentine Rocca Uses Feet To Land On Top Of Mat Racket

Los Angeles Times – September 10, 1952
By Jeane Hoffman

Will James Greenleaf Whittier object to a little revising, courtesy of Poetic License No. 354?

Change that line about “Blessings on thee, little man, barefoot boy with cheeks of tan.” Make it read: ” – barefoot boy with checks of green. Long green!”

Here, kiddies, we’ve been laboring under the delusion that success was achieved by using one’s head. So along comes Argentine Rocca, the Dandy of the Andes, who earns a mere $100,000 per year by using his feet. Argentine, who meets Lou Thesz at Chez Olympic tonight, may not be the first to land feet first in the top money bracket. Continue reading

Sports Log

Tacoma News Tribune – September 9, 1952
By Dan Walton

A small item in the Portland papers a few days ago reported that Martin Norbeck, age 68, had died in that city.

That’s the first time we ever knew that Norbeck had a square front handle. He was known as “Moose.” Continue reading

Romero Defeats Levin On Valley Garden Mat

Los Angeles Times – June 15, 1952

Rito Romero added another victim to his growing list last night on the Valley Garden Arena wrestling mat, where he downed Dave Levin in two out of three falls.

Sandor Szabo made Antone Leone say uncle in another match. Ray Piret bounced Bob Corby in the opener.

Thesz Defeats Leone For World Mat Crown

Los Angeles Times – May 22, 1952
By Jack Geyer

There was one less heavyweight wrestling champion in this neck of the woods last night after Lou Thesz of St. Louis, Mo., took two of three falls and the bout from Baron Michele Leone of Santa Monica, Pacific Coast pretender to the throne. Continue reading

Leone, Thesz Tangle Tonight At Gilmore

Los Angeles Times – May 21, 1952
By Jack Geyer

One of the nation’s foremost television comedians – oops – wrestlers, Baron Michele Leone, will face Lou Thesz at Gilmore Field tonight in an affair d’cauliflower billed as a world’s heavyweight wrestling championship match. Continue reading

Mat Quiz

Los Angeles Times – May 21, 1952
By Braven Dyer

Question – Why is wrestling?

Answer – Well, why not?

Q – Who is this guy Lou Thesz?

A – He’s the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) champion, and don’t call him a “guy.” Continue reading

Cullum’s Column

Minneapolis Morning Tribune – March 20, 1952
By Dick Cullum

The phone here has been buzzing with hot words from wrestling fans who went to the auditorium Tuesday night.

A few have been contending they are entitled to get their money back because of what happened. Continue reading