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Sports Front

The Sydney Morning Herald – July 25, 1951
By Hugh Dash

At a recent Sydney Stadium wrestle I made a sneak survey among 20 ringside regulars, men and women.

Two were convinced they were seeing a genuine life-and-death struggle between the bone-and-muscle men. Continue reading

Gorgeous George Runs Into Trouble

Associated Press – June 9, 1951

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – Gorgeous George, a professional wrestler, was accused today of ungentlemanly conduct outside the ring. Continue reading

Thesz Keeps Mat Title Versus Haggerty

Sacramento Union – September 10, 1951

Lou Thesz defended his world’s wrestling championship last night in Memorial Auditorium by throwing Hard Boiled Haggerty with a flying scissors after taking the first fall on a foul. Continue reading

Gardini, Great Togo On Troy Mat Tonight

Schenectady Gazette – June 25, 1951

TROY – Benito Gardini, Chicago video star, and the Great Togo, All-Asia champion, will tangle in the feature outdoor wrestling bout at the South End Arena tonight. Continue reading

Ladies’ Wrestling Nixed In West Virginia

Associated Press – December 8, 1951

HUNTINGTON, W. VA. — The State Athletic Commission today banned women wrestlers from performing in West Virginia.

Debts Will Be Paid By Carnera

Associated Press – December 8, 1951

LONDON, England – Primo Carnera settled a bankruptcy case in Britain last night after 14 years of hard times.

The London Gazette, official legal newspaper, announced that the Italian giant, who was coaxed out of Italy and nursed to the world heavyweight boxing championship, will pay off his debts in full next month. Continue reading

Two-Ton Tony Squares Assault Rap For $250

Associated Press – December 8, 1951

GREENSBURG, Pa. – State police today arrested Two-Ton Tony Galento, former heavyweight boxer, on an assault-and-battery charge. Continue reading

Soldat Bests Kiser Tandem

The Oregonian – January 30, 1951

Black-bearded Soldat Gorky defeated the Kiser brothers combo in the feature match of promoter Don Owen’s wrestling program at the Labor Temple Monday night. Continue reading

Jones Victor In Mat Match

The Oregonian – January 27, 1951

Rufus Jones, the hard-headed Negro from Birmingham, won the first and third falls of his match with Scandinavian Eric Pedersen in the main event of the wrestling card at the Portland Armory Friday night. Continue reading

Brother Aids Kiser In Win

The Oregonian – January 23, 1951

Jack Kiser, with some spontaneous assistance from his younger brother, Dale, defeated a very angry Soldat Gorky in the feature tangle of promoter Don Owen’s Labor Temple wrestling card Monday night. Continue reading