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Wrestler Dies

Associated Press – November 3, 1950

DUBLIN, Ireland – Irish wrestler Danno O’Mahoney died Friday night from injuries suffered in an automobile accident Thursday night. O’Mahoney’s car hit a parked truck near Port Laighaise. Both his legs were broken. Continue reading

Drama Comes To Field House

Moline Daily Dispatch – January 21, 1950
By Jim Dix

(ED. NOTE – Feeling itself inadequate to deal with the thespian elegancies of the Gorgeous George show at Wharton Fieldhouse last night, the sports department called upon the Dispatch drama critic, Jim Dix, to do the reporting.)

One thing may be said in praise of the drama (see footnote No. 1) at Wharton Fieldhouse last night. The timing was perfect. It started out on a dramaturgically correct minor key (see footnote 2), setting the mood for the coming of the star, and then, at exactly the right moment, the star appeared, like a disdainful Caesar, come to intimidate the Roman senate. Continue reading

Expect Big Crowd Tonight

Moline Daily Dispatch – January 20, 1950

With the largest crowd ever to witness a wrestling show in the Quad Cities expected to be on hand, big-time grappling of the type that has taken the television world by storm will make its debut at Wharton Fieldhouse tonight. Continue reading

Gorgeous George Small Potatoes To Great Togo

Ottawa Citizen – January 25, 1950
By John Barrington

NEW YORK – About all you need nowadays to become a wrestler is a gimmick.  Of course, a good set of muscles is no handcap.  But unless you’re a Tibetari sheepherder, the seventh son of a seventh son, or at least a battered up football player, you might as well give up. Continue reading

The Great Togo Masters Danny (Riot Squad) Dusek

St. Petersburg Times – October 12, 1950

The Great Togo completely mastered Danny Dusek in a special event on the National Guard sponsored wrestling program at the Gable Armory last night before an estimated 1,500 fans. Continue reading

Togo And Dusek Meet At Armory

The Evening Independent – October 11, 1950

Japanese hocus-pocus takes over at the N. Worth Gable armory tonight when The Great Togo takes on Danny (Riot Squad) Dusek in the feature match of the national guard wrestling program. Continue reading

The Great Togo Back Thursday

Ottawa Citizen – November 24, 1950

The Great Togo, who conquered Mike Mazurki in his initial appearance at the Auditorium last week, will return for a main bout engagement next Thursday night, it was announced by promoter Eddie Quinn last night. Continue reading

The Great Togo Tops Troy Wrestling Card

Schenectady Gazette – June 17, 1950

TROY – The Great Togo, All-Asia champion, will tangle with Mr. Stanlee of Burbank, Calif., in the feature wrestling bout at the South Troy Arena Monday night. Continue reading

Sign Temple To Wrestle Gorgeous One

Moline Daily Dispatch –  January 13, 1950

George Temple, big brother of Shirley Temple, the movie actress, has been signed as an opponent for Gorgeous George in the feature bout of the wrestling show to be staged January 20 at Wharton Fieldhouse. Continue reading

Circuses And Kings

The Canadian Forum – August, 1950
By D.M. Fisher

Several years ago Time magazine hinted that the large crowds drawn by wrestling in Toronto reflected the gullibility of the citizens. Now, with the surge of television, wrestling has come to the fore in the States; the top men are national figures, and the critics and publicists are debunking or glorifying the show. This is one matter where Canada has kept pace with America. We have the chance, even in the smaller towns, of seeing wrestling, and the attendance has risen until it probably stands behind only hockey and baseball as an athletic draw. No populated area fails to support the grapplers; Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton turn out supporters enough to gross nearly a million and a half dollars a year. What does wrestling offer for the husky admission it charges? Continue reading