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Giant-Meeker Team Winner

Spokesman-Review – September 30, 1949

The Cardiff Giant and Jerry Meeker teamed up to teach Stu Hart and Juan Hernandez some of the finer points of rough, rugged wrestling in a team match which featured the opening of the Masonic Temple wrestling season.

The Giant and Meeker used body slams and finished their foes with body presses in the first and third falls. Hart and Hernandez grabbed the middle fall, however, with a flying cross hold after 15:43. Continue reading

Bear To Show On Mat Card

Portland Oregonian – September 25, 1949

A big black bear, branded by those who have seen him in action as a natural wrestler, will take the spotlight on Don Owen’s weekly mat card at the Labor Temple Monday night.

The burly bruin, which has appeared in many leading cities of the country, will appear in a 15-minute exhibition against Stocky Kneilson, bearded hillbilly, as a special attraction of the grappling show. Continue reading

What’s Happened To Old-Time Favourites?

Southern Cross, Wellington, New Zealand – June 10, 1949

In last Sunday’s “World of Sport” broadcast from Radio 2ZB, Wellington, Wallie Ingram, Sports Editor of Southern Cross, gave interesting information about some of the wrestlers seen in New Zealand in the earlier days of streamlined wrestling.   Today, Form Parade reprints this talk — from the original radio script — as an exclusive feature.   If you’ve wondered what happened to “Whiskers” Blake, “Count” Joe Varga, or some of the others, you might find the answer in the following: Continue reading

Wrestling Tonight

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – November 26, 1949

Lord Carlton and Done Evans wrestle tonight at the Broadway Arena in a return feature bout.  In supporting bouts, Antone Leone faces Mickey Cortelano, Sammy Berg battles Red Kirkatrick, Jack Steele meets Fritz Ziegfried and Karl Van Worden tackles Fritz Wallick.

She Ain’t Doin’ Right By Little Nell

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – November 26, 1949

Lady wrestler Helen Hild throws Nell Stewart

When ladies meet on the wrestling mat, they usually demonstrate what the fellow meant when he said that “the female of the species is more deadly than the male.”  Above is a sample of how the hand that rocks the cradle may also be used to rock a sister into slumberland.  The gal in white is Helen Hild and her opponent, who has just been given the heave-ho, is Nell Stewart.  Lady wrestlers draw a bigger gate than the males – maybe because they groan soprano.

Wrestling Game Is On The Upswing

Sacramento Union – February 23, 1949
By Bill Conlin

The remarkable resiliency of the wrestling business is being demonstrated on a weekly basis at Memorial Auditorium. Business has never been better, at least in the last five years, and the grapplers are playing to profitable houses every Monday night. Continue reading

Carnera Likes The Rassling Dollars

Sacramento Union – February 16, 1949
By Bill Conlin

Half the wrestling show Monday night in Memorial Auditorium was in the ring; the other half was up in Primo Carnera’s dressing room.

Max Baer, the man who knocked down Carnera 13 times back in 1934 to win the heavyweight championship, came up to pay a social call. Continue reading

Ambling Alp Brings Gate Of $3,291

Sacramento Union – February 15, 1949

Primo Carnera, former world’s heavyweight boxing champion, proved a magnate to Sacramento’s wrestling industry last night as he attracted approximately 3,000 fans to Memorial Auditorium in a match against Dan O’Connor, Boston Irishman. Continue reading

Wrestling Game Mourns Ray Steele

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – September 13, 1949
By John Edward Wray

Wrestler Ray Steele’s death due to a heart attack last Sunday will come as a surprise to the wrestling world . . . On the mat, all good athletes die old . . . But Steele was only 50 . . . Just a youth compared to septuagenarians like Stan Zbyszko, George Hackenschmidt and other antiques who on occasion still can put on a good show. Continue reading

Lion Heavy To Compete in NCAA Mat Tournament

The Daily Collegian – March 22, 1949

Homer Barr, Penn State’s Eastern Heavyweight king, will meet the cream of the nation’s unlimited crop in this weekend’s NCAA tournament at Ft. Collins, Colorado. Continue reading