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Women Wrestlers In Hair Pulling Match

The Pittsburg Press – September 8, 1910

Two thousand men and boys tried to stop a wrestling match at the Academy of Music last night between Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world, and May Nelson, of the South Side.  Kicking and gouging in the match enraged the spectators and their shouts could be heard for a square.  Eight policemen under Captain John Dean, were called to prevent a riot. Continue reading

Woman Wrestler’s Challenge

The Pittsburg Press – September 3, 1910

Pittsburg women wrestlers will have a chance to earn $25 at each performance at Harry Williams’ Academy next week if they can throw or stay the limit in bouts with Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world.  No woman is barred.

Woman Wrestler Coming

The Pittsburg Press – September 2, 1910

Miss Cora Livingston, champion woman wrestler of the world, will put in a lively week at Harry Williams’ Academy next week, meeting aspiring women wrestlers of Pittsburg and giving exhibitions with her partners.  Miss Livingston will meet all women comers for a purse at each performance.

Hackenschmidt – He Searches The World For Gotch

The Kansas City Times – January 8, 1910

Newspaper cartoon with George Hackenschmidt searching the world for Frank Gotch

Wrestling Extraordinary

The Advertiser – September 12, 1910

LONDON, September 11.

A terrific wrestling match between Gama, an Indian; and Zbysco, a Galician, took   place in London yesterday. After lasting 2 hours and 40 minutes without either contestant being thrown, the match was adjourned till the 17th inst.


The Pittsburg Press – September 6, 1910


Miner’s “Jardin De Paris Girls” and Cora Livingston, world’s champion female wrestler, furnished the entertainment to a crowded house at the Academy yesterday afternoon and last night.  A bevy of pretty girls and several good comedians kept things moving all the time.  The olio, which included Augusta Phelps, the Broadway Comedy Quartet, Davis & Harris, and the Merry Minstrels, was above ordinary.  Cora Livingston, the female wrestler came to this city for the expressed purpose of meeting Miss Nelson, a Pittsburg wrestler, who gained a decision over the champion last year.  Miss Livingston failed to throw Miss Hazel Kennard, of New York at last night’s performance and forfeited $25.  If shows of this standard are kept at the Academy, crowded houses can be looked for all season.

To Meet All Comers

The Milwaukee Sentinel – September 26, 1910

Miss Cora Livingston, champion wrestler, made her initial bow before a Milwaukee audience at the New Star theater on Sunday.  During her engagement at the Star this week Miss Livingston will be open to meet all comers, and will forfeit $25 to any woman she fails to throw within ten minutes, no weight barred.

Hopes Of Boer Wrestler Dashed By Mahmout

The San Francisco Call – December 7, 1910

CHICAGO, Dec. 6. – The championship aspirations of Peter Nogert, the Boer wrestler who came here in quest of Frank Gotch’s crown, were given a severe setback last night when Yussiff Mahmout, the Bulgarian, won from the South African in straight falls without apparent effort.  Mahmout won the first fall in 9:30 with a double bar-arm and the second in 2:30 with a half Nelson and leg lock.  Mahmout, who was at least 40 pounds lighter than his opponent, assumed the aggressive in both bouts.

Miss Nelson Stays Limit

The Pittsburg Press – March 17, 1910

Last night at Harry Williams’ Academy Miss Cora Livingston, the champion female wrestler of the world, failed to throw Miss May Nelson of Pittsburg in the specified time of 15 minutes, thereby losing the forfeit money.  The match was wrestled catch-as-catch-can, with strangle holds barred, and was the outcome of Monday night’s encounter, when Miss Livingston failed to throw the local woman.  The same wrestlers will meet Friday evening in a bout to the finish.  Charles Rieneke will referee.

Tremblay Laid Out

The Montreal Gazette – December 7, 1910

Lightweight Champion Knocked Unconscious at St. Paul, Minn.

George Kennedy wired a laconic message from St. Paul, Minn., late last night, stating that Tremblay had been knocked unconscious in a bout there.  He did not state who Tremblay’s opponent was or how the lightweight champion came off in the match. Continue reading