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Hackenshmidt Accepts Offer To Meet Gotch

The Pittsburg Press – July 5, 1907

Kansas City, July 5. – William D. Scoville, president of the Missouri Athletic Club, today received an acceptance from Charles B. Cochran, of London, England, of his offer of a purse of $10,000 for a match between Hackenschmidt and Gotch for the world’s wrestling championship.  The winner to take 75 per cent and the loser 25.  Hackenschmidt will arrive in this country February next.

Big Men Wrestled

The Day – December 13, 1907

Hackenschmidt Won Two Falls From Carl Pons.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Dec. 13. – In the heavyweight wrestling match here last night between Carl Pons of New Orleans and Charles Hackenschmidt of Des Moines, Iowa, Hackenschmidt won the second and third falls of the match. Continue reading


Watertown Daily Times – December 12, 1907

Jim Parr, the wrestler, English champion, has a match in Buffalo Friday evening.  His efforts will be to throw Young Gotch and Dave Moir once each in 30 minutes.  These men are among Buffalo’s best middleweights and ought to be a tough proposition for Parr. Continue reading

Many Extremes in Wrestling

Syracuse Journal – March 14, 1907

In the wrestling game there are more extremes than there are in any other form of sport.  Hackenschmidt, for instance, is the strongest and the youngest in the point of years; Dan McLeod is without any shadow of doubt the most graceful of all grapplers; Hjalmar Lundin is regarded as the speediest; Frank Gotch, as the most vicious; Farmer Burns, as the oldest; Tom Jenkins, as the hardiest; Jim Parr, the English champion, as the most original and sensational; Ed Atherton, as the originator and creator of new moves; Harvey Parker, as the toughest of the welters to handle in any manner; Jack Carkeek, the “resurrected,” because he came back after an absence of ten years and is to-day regarded as fast enough for the best of the 175-pound men of the country; Fred Beell, as the world’s wonder for his size and weight; Steurs, the Belgian, as the roughest.  The list might be lengthened indefinitely.

Lundin, the giant Swede, is looked upon as the cleanest of the big fellows.


The Sun (New York, NY) – December 26, 1907

Frank Gotch, who says he is the real American wrestling champion, is hot under the collar because of the match just made between Hackenschmidt and Joe Rogers, the “American Apollo,” who also declares he is the champion of this country.  Gotch threatens to go to England and show Rogers up as a fraud, inasmuch as he has beaten the latter to a standstill.  Wrestling experts who have seen Hackenschmidt on the mat say that Rogers will have to be a phenomenon to beat the Russian Lion.  Gotch wants to meet Hackenschmidt or any man in the world, catch-as-catch-can, and states that he will challenge the winner of the coming match in London.

Wrestling Maxims by Frank Gotch

Syracuse Journal – March 14, 1907

“Every hold has a counter, but not after the hold is obtained.”

“Every man must be in his natural field.  It is so with all leaders.” Continue reading

F. Gotch Wins Out

Dawson Daily News – April 29, 1907

Takes Two Out of Three Falls

Former Klondiker is Conceded the Undisputed Championship

Work is Very Fast

Beell Will Now Wait Awhile, Until He Gets More Growth

Thinks the Time Will Come Later When He Will Master the Iowa Giant–Chicago Enthusiastic Over the Excellence of the Contest

CHICAGO, April 29.–Frank Gotch Saturday night defeated Fred Beell, of Wisconsin, taking the American wrestling championship by winning the first and third falls. Continue reading

Rogers After “Hack”

Mansfield Daily Shield – September 28, 1907

O’Rourke’s New Wrestler-Fighter Goes Abroad To Meet Champion.

Should Joe Rogers, wrestler and fighter, who sailed recently for England with his manager, Tom O’Rourke, be successful in securing a match with George Hackenschmidt the contest will be the first of a series of international contests on the mat.  Hackenschmidt announced recently that he intends to come to America and take on Frank Gotch and any others who are pleading for a match with him. Continue reading

Gotch Says Joe Rogers Is Easy

Los Angeles Herald – November 19, 1907

Champion Thinks O’Rourke’s Man A Cinch

Does Not See Where Promoter Has a Right to Represent America in London Against Russian Hack

MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 18.— Frank Gotch, the American champion wrestler, thinks it is an injustice to American mat artists and the public to have a man like Joe Rogers of New York represent America against George Hackenschmidt, the world’s champion, in a match for the title in London, England. Continue reading

Indian Wrestler Defeats Paleface

The New York Times – December 22, 1907

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec. 21. – War Eagle, the Carlisle Indian, last night defeated Dan McDonald, the Canadian wrestling champion, in two straight falls.  After the match, Rooney of Chicago challenged War Eagle.