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Wrestlers Ready for Hard Struggle

The New York Times – April 24, 1906

Two unusual wrestling attractions are scheduled for to-night at the Grand Central Palace, Forty-third Street and Lexington Avenue.  John Piening, the “Butcher Boy,” who is conceded to be the cleverest Graeco-Roman wrestler in America, and Fred Beell, the best light heavyweight in the West, will meet in a match at mixed styles and the struggle is to be to a finish.  Beell is an aggressive wrestler, and while Piening is the favorite he will undoubtedly be compelled to use every trick at his command to win.  The other encounter will bring together Harvey Parker, the “Little Demon,” and George Bothner, who many good judges believe will defeat the lightweight champion.

Des Moines Has The Wrestlers

The San Francisco Call – February 11, 1906

DES MOINES, Feb. 10. – Frank Coleman won from Charles Hackenschmidt here to-night in a wrestling match, mixed style.  Coleman won the first fall, catch-as-catch-can, in 16 minutes and 5 seconds; Hackenschmidt took the second Graeco-Roman in 26 minutes 33 seconds; Coleman the third, catch-as-catch-can, in 20 minutes 20 seconds.


The Evening News – January 4, 1906

George Bothner will be at Princeton three times a week until April 1, to coach the university wrestling team.


Charles Hackenschmidt, cousin of the Russian Lion, is on a wrestling tour of America.

Iowa Man Won From Foreigner

The Herald – January 17, 1906

Frank Gotch of Humboldt Secured Two Falls From Hackenschmidt.

 Was Given Hard Fight

 The Big Swede Was Game to the Last, but Was Outclassed by Gotch – Great Crowd Saw Contest and Cheered Lustily.

Des Moines, Ia., Jan. 12 – Frank Gotch, ex-champion wrestler of America, catch as catch can style, clearly demonstrated his right to claim the Graeco-Roman championship at the Auditorium by defeating Charles Hackenschmidt of Hand, Sweden, in the greatest mat battle ever seen in Iowa.  Gotch’s great weight and strength, coupled with his wonderful speed and skill, was too much for the young man from across the water, but Hackenschmidt was game to the last and gave Gotch one of the hardest battles he has ever had in his wrestling career. Continue reading

Wrestling Here

The Sun, St. John, N. B.  – December 11, 1906

The change in management of the York Theatre means that there will be no wrestling here this winter, as there is no other suitable place for the matches.  This will be regretted by lovers of the mat game, as they were anticipating some more exciting bouts here this season between the famous exponents of the mat game. Continue reading

Big Wrestlers Are Matched

The New York Times – April 17, 1906

John Piening, the Graeco-Roman wrestling champion of America, will meet Fred Beell of Wisconsin at the Grand Central Palace on April 24.  The men will wrestle mixed style until a fall is secured.  George Bothner, the lightweight champion, and Harvey Parker will also meet on the same night.  The pair will wrestle on hour, unless a fall is secured before that time, and a decision will be rendered on points.  The winner of the Piening-Beell match will be matched with “Tom” Jenkins for the championship of America.

Lundin to Wrestle Atlas

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – March 28, 1906

Hjalmar Lundin, who proclaims himself the Swedish champion wrestler, will attempt to throw Atlas, aspiring to the light heavyweight title of America, twice in an hour at Prospect Hall, on April 5.

Gotch Got Mad

The Sun – November 10, 1906

In the fastest and probably the roughest match ever pulled off in Kansas City, Yankee Rogers, New England champion, last night won a wager of $100 from Frank Gotch, champion wrestler of America. Continue reading

More Hot Air About Beel

The Sun, St. John, N. B. – December 11, 1906

Otto Floto of the Denver Post, in commenting upon the recent victory of Fred Beel over Frank Gotch, had, in part, this to say. Continue reading

George Bothner, Wrestling Coach

The Daily Princetonian – January 9, 1906

George Bothner, champion lightweight wrestler of the world, who has been engaged to coach the wrestling team, arrived yesterday and will begin work immediately.