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Cannon Defeats Carkeek

The San Francisco Call – December 5, 1899

LIVERPOOL, Dec. 4. – Tom Cannon defeated Jack Carkeek of the United States in this city this evening in a contest for the Graeco-Roman wrestling championship.  A purse of $1000 was offered.

Jack Carkeek; His Career As A Wrestler

The Milwaukee Journal – May 2, 1899

Jack Carkeek 5-2-1899


“Jack” Carkeek, who will meet the Turk on the mat Thursday evening at the Exposition building, is returning to the sport after several years’ absence.  For the past five years he has been employed in the offices of the Wisconsin Central railroad in the capacity of claim agent, and had retired permanently from the ring.  However, upon the advent of Yousouf, “The Terrible Turk,” to this country he was asked repeatedly by his friends to re-enter the arena and test his strength against that of the redoubtable Turk.  He resisted their importunities until Hali Adali, the Sultan’s Lion, began his victorious career and was then finally prevailed upon to go into training for the match.  He was attending to his office duties until two weeks ago, when he went out on a hunting trip, returning to Beloit last Monday, where he was taken in hand by John Kline, a trainer of considerable reputation, and is speedily rounding out in excellent condition. Continue reading


Otago Witness – July 6, 1899

“Greek George,” a champion wrestler and weight-lifter, is at present in Dunedin. He will probably give an exhibition of his great strength shortly. He has a standing challenge to the world for wrestling in Graeco-Roman, catch-as-catch-can, collar and elbow, side haul, and Cornish wrestling.  “Greek George” has travelled nearly all over the world. He has credentials to show that he fought in the recent war between Turkey and Greece.


Taranaki Herald – April 29, 1899

Hali Adali, the Sultan’s Lion, threw Farmer Burns and Rooney a few weeks ago.  Burns’ wrestling days seem to be over.

Hali Adali, the Turk, Loses

The New York Times – January 24, 1899

CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 23. – Hali Adali, the Turk, lost his match with “Farmer” Burns and Jack Rooney to-night.  He was to have thrown them each twice in 90 minutes, but failed.  He threw Rooney first in 30 minutes, then Burns in 8 minutes 28 seconds.  Rooney again in 2 mintues 40 seconds, and Burns remained the limit.  The Turk showed himself a first-class wrestler, and went at his work with good humor and fairness.

Wisconsin Wrestlers

Kentucky New Era – May 20, 1899

MILWAUKEE, May 19–At Mansfield, Wis., today, Fred Beel, the new northwestern champion, will meet Ed Adamson, of Indianapolis, in a catch-as-catch-can contest for a large purse.  The strangle hold will be barred from this match.