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The Wanganui Herald – May 19, 1894

Evan Lewis, the “Strangler,” has hemorrhage, and will never wrestle again.

Great Wrestling Match

The Wanganui Herald – May 19, 1894

On the 29th March, Hengler’s Circus, was crowded with 5000 people.  The occasion was the match for £100 aside and the Graeco-Roman championship of the world, between Tom Cannon, of Liverpool, and George Rasso, of Hamburg.  The latter is 30 years of age, and after serving in the German army, having won all the prizes as an amateur, he met and defeated all professionals.  He afterwards went to Moscow, where he defeated the great Russian giant, Gorshokoff.  After a victorious trip right through Germany, Austria, and Turkey, he met the celebrated wrestler, Carl Abs, whom he defeated in the presence of the King of Saxony a year ago last Monday, 14th May.  In the same year he beat Emil Vose.  His last match was with the “terrible Greek,” Antonio Pierri, at Berlin in January last, which he won after one hour and twenty-five minutes.  Shortly after nine o’clock the men entered the ring, and after the conditions had been stated – beat two out of three falls – the men got to work.  For some minutes, Rasso, who, though not quite so heavy as Cannon, stripped a muscular specimen of humanity, acted entirely on the defensive; but, after eight minutes, he began to show to advantage.  Ultimately he secured the first fall exactly twelve minutes from the start, twisting Cannon over by means of a neck hold.  On re-starting Cannon go to work in a determined manner, and, although Rasso, at the expiration of the five minutes, nearly gained a fall, Cannon succeeded in pinning the Teuton down, the bout lasting 6min 30sec.  He threw Rasso bodily, and, falling on him, quickly pinned the German down.  Cannon gained the deciding fall, and thus won the match.


The Wanganui Herald – June 9, 1894

Evan Lewis, the famous Strangler of wrestling fame, met his match at Cincinnati lately, when Charley Wittmer threw him twice out of three falls, Graeco-Roman style.  Lewis won the first fall in 19min, and Wittmer placed the other two to his credit in 31min and 7 ½min respectively.


The New York Times – March 8, 1894

Evan Lewis and “Farmer” Burns have finally been matched to engage in a catch-as-catch-can wrestling match, to take place in Chicago, Saturday, April 7, for a side wager of $500 and division of gate money.  All holds are to be allowed.

Sandow’s Wrestling Match

Brooklyn Eagle – May 23, 1894

A Lion Was His Antagonist, but the Beast Would Not Play.

San Francisco, Cal., May 23 – Over three thousand people assembled at Central park last night to witness a wrestling match between Sandow, the perfect man, and Colonel Daniel E Boone’s tame lion Commodore. Commodore was muzzled, his paws being encased in boxing gloves, and he was so handicapped that free action was almost impossible,

When Sandow entered the iron cage the lion was lying on all fours and no amount of teasing could get him to stand up or lose his temper. Sandow lifted him from the ground and swung him around and around, but it was of no avail. After ten minutes of this farce the match was given to Sandow.