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Carkeek Wins

Los Angeles Herald – May 19, 1891

ROCKFORD, Ill., May 18. – The wrestling match between Jack Carkeek, champion of the world, and J. H. Quinn of the Pacific coast for $100, was won tonight by Carkeek.

The Life Of The “Jap”

Rochester Democrat And Chronicle – August 18, 1891

A Biography of Matsada Sarakachi the Wrestler.

He Was Well Known Here

Having Wrestled in Rochester Theaters Many Times While Connected With Various Athletic Combinations – Ups and Downs of His Life.

Matsada Sorakichi, the wrestler, better known as the “Jap,” who died in New York on Sunday, was well known in Rochester, having wrestled here many times.  His last appearance was with the Turner Gaisty Girls Company at the Bijou Theater.  Then he wrestled with Hugh Leonard, the match being for $100 a side and exciting great interest.  Leonard won in two falls. Continue reading


Atlanta Constitution – January 27, 1891

Augusta – Greek George is here, and a fine wrestling match is looked forward to by the local sports. There is some anxiety felt by the same sports about the squareness of the proposed fight. Today a man who represented himself as a fireman on the Georgia railroad came to the Evening News office and had published a notice saying that he would meet George. An hour later he was found distributing Greek George’s program. This gave rise to the suspicion that the match would not be square. It is hoped generally that it will be.