‘Strangler’ Lewis To Meet Thesz On Mat

Bremerton Sun – September 7, 1945

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, one of the all-time greats of the wrestling game, will be the headliner of the newly organized Sportsmen’s Club grappling program next Thursday night at the Civic Center here.

This card will mark the resumption of the mat game in Bremerton after a six-week layoff. The new Sportsmen’s Club, with Vic Sinkunas as the promoter, has taken over the local wrestling enterprise from the Globe A.C.

The appearance of “The Strangler” on the opening fall show should give the game a great send-off. The big fellow is now in his middle 50s, but he’s still in great shape and is able to hold his own in any ring. During the spring, incidentally, he made a tour of army and navy camps in the nation, demonstrating some of the fine points of wrestling and then challenging all comers. He was never downed.

In addition to making appearances himself, Lewis is also tutoring a big Minnesota fellow named Gustafson, and figures the youngster is championship material. It is likely that local fans will also get a look at Gustafson before long.

Louis Thesz, the handsome Hungarian from Fort Lewis, will be the man to test Lewis in his bout here. This should be a natural, for Thesz has never been defeated in the Bremerton ring. Formerly of St. Louis, he’s a favorite of the fans and a fine representative of the game.

Signing of the other bouts for the card was being completed today.

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