Strangler Lewis On Post Benefit Card

Washington Post – December 14, 1941

Once again the once familiar figure of Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the man who made the headlock famous, and who has been called one of wrestledom’s immortals, returns to action next Thursday night at Turner’s Arena on the card which The Washington Post Neediest Family Fund will benefit to the extent of 10 per cent of the proceeds.

The noted Strangler’s opponent will be big Jim Henry, erstwhile Tulsa University gridiron star, and who is better known hereabouts as the Green Hornet sans mask.

Articles for the Lewis-Henry match were signed yesterday, and Promoter Joe Turner announced that a one-hour time limit will be set despite Big Jim’s request for a finish battle.

In taking up the challenge flung at him at Turner’s Arena last Thursday where he was cast in the strange role of referee of the Sandor Szabo-Hornet bout, former champion Lewis declared that his retirement from the ring hasn’t taken away his fine wrestling edge.

“A wrestler is as good as he feels,” the Strangler remarked. “I’m in good shape, heavier, of course, than I’ve ever been. But guys like Henry, Szabo, the Duseks, Londos, Steele even today don’t faze me.

“Just remember – Zbyszko was champion at 51, and John Pesek, the National Wrestling Association champ was in his 50s when he was on top.”

Lewis beat Londos in less than 15 minutes, and in the early ‘20s, when he was the kingpin, claimed he could whip four in one night without feeling tired.

The Strangler finds himself meeting Henry in the headliner as a result of a scuffle with the 285-pound Oklahoman last Thursday. Lewis awarded Szabo the bout in 17 minutes, but Big Jim, in a wild rage, tore after the Strangler. Pronto Big Jim was headlocked and put in his place. Lewis accepted Henry’s challenge and Joe Turner was very happy to book it.

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