Yukon Loses Last 2 Falls To O’Connor

Utica Observer-Dispatch – September 12, 1957
By Bob Wilbur

Clinton – Yukon Eric won the first fall, but Pat O’Connor rallied to take the next two to gain a popular decision over Yukon in last night’s wrestling feature at the Arena.

Only 750 fans turned out for the card which also saw Fritz Von Erich of Germany and Joe Blanchard of Vancouver winning their bouts.  As a result of last night’s victory, Von Erich plans to challenge O’Connor.

Yukon pinned O’Connor in 9:23 for the first fall with a bear hug, but the New Zealander evened the match at 16:42 with a flip hold, and won the bout with a leg scissors at 19:45.

In the semifinal match, the villainous Fritz Von Erich of Germany took two straight fall from Jack Bence of Pittsfield, Mass.

Von Erich, tipping the scales at 246, added insult to injury when he hurled the relaxing Bence out of the ring in a surprise attack during the between falls intermission.

The rugged German took both falls with a body press after slugging the helpless Bence into submission.  The first fall came at 19:58, the second slightly less than three minutes later at 22:08.

Joe Blanchard of Vancouver won the preliminary at 18:54 with a “leg spread,” a hold of his own invention, over Tiger Tasker of Winnipeg.

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