Fenton Meets The Soldier In Main Mat Bout

The Borger Daily Herald – December 17, 1939

Two rough and tumble mat-men, both hard as the proverbial nails, will clash in the main event on Promoter Otis Robertson’s wrestling show here at the Arena tomorrow night.

Rod Fenton, the rough house Canadian, and Soldier Thomas, the former U. S. Army champ, are the two principals in this grunt-groan special.

In the semi-final Frankie Hill, the Kansas cyclone, and Clyde Wood, Michigan strong boy, are matched.

Joe Bauer, the double tough and rough Milwaukee wrestler, scraps Art Belcher, the Amarillo grappler in the opening bout.

Robertson also announced last night that Ray “Big Train” Clements would referee the bouts.  Clements, who wrestles too, leaves no doubt as to who is running a match any time he’s in the ring as arbiter.  As tough or tougher than most of the boys who engage in the cauliflower ear sport, he makes the boys toe the line and keeps the bout going along fast and with lots of color.

Ringside admission is 60 cents, gentlemen’s general admission 40 cents, and ladies and children 25 cents.  Bouts start at 8 p. m.

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