‘Swede’ Wins, Draws, Loses As Grappler

Ocala Star-Banner – January 14, 1958

Carl (Swede) Karlson won his three fall match with Jerry Christie, “drew” with several spectators in a chair-swinging melee after the fight then lost the decision on a reversal by referee Bill Braun.

Karlson had taken the first fall on a back breaker after nearly 15 minutes, lost the second to Christy on a rolling hook scissors after six minutes, then took the third in a back breaker after nine minutes.

Several spectators, aroused by Karlson’s tactics in the ring, began throwing chairs and fists as the 275 pound grappler left the apron.

Order was restored and the bout finally awarded to Christie.

Tame by comparison was the five gal rassle royal and two matches held as preliminaries on the City Auditorium card.

Mae Matson, Milwaukee, defeated Ida Porter, Daytona, after 10:17 with a Boston Crab hold.  China Mira won the second bout from Helen Hild, Omaha, Neb., with a reverse jackknife in 13:06.

Jeanette Collins, Harlan, Ky., was eliminated first in the rassle royal, while Mira and Hild bumped heads and were eliminated second and third in the royal.

A four-gal Australian tag team match is set Monday night along with a bout between Black Jack Dillon and Tony Martinelli, promoter Jimmy Riser has announced.

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