Referee Gives Sonnenberg Decision

Washington Post – December 9, 1933

It was somewhat of an off night at Mons. Joe Turner’s rassling circus at the Auditorium last night, the card not being particularly good and the cash customers seeming to sense the fact and so staying away in larger numbers. Only about 2,500 showed up.

It also was a bad night for ex-champions. Gus Sonnenberg won from Stanley Pinto, but was down in a heap from a kick in the groin when referee Bennick Bortnick gave him the verdict in the feature by disqualifying his foe. Wladek Zbyszko, another former champ, was manhandled while losing to Jim Clinstock in a preliminary, while Rudy Dusek earned the verdict over Scotty McDougal, who rassled as champion of Scotland last night, but if memory serves correctly, someone called him the Australian titleholder the last time he showed here.

There seems to be a union rule that performers in the feature win on their pet hold, but Sonnenberg’s flying tackle simply got him into trouble against Pinto. Gus attempted eight all told, connected with his man on four, missed two, was thrown back on his haunches on another attempt, and was down and out as a result of the final one. Pinto evidently thought the game had been shifted to football, stepped aside, and kicked the ex-champ in the groin as he was skidding by. The bout had been a rough and tough one throughout and this final kick was simply more than Bortnick could stand. The end came in 25 minutes.

Dusek found that McDougal was quite a man who could give as much as he took and this pair roughed things out for 30 minutes, when Rudy suddenly remembered he was supposed to be rassling and downed his foe on two back drops.

Clinstock, a giant Indian weighing 251 pounds, was entirely too much for the aged Zbyszko to handle. The latter was trying to mix it with Clinstock when the Indian picked him up, slammed him down and landed on top of him, mashing him as flat as a flounder. All this happened in 9 1/2 minutes.

In the other bouts, Eli Fischer downed Kurt Gabriel in 16 1/2 minutes with a body press, while youthful Vic Christy held the rough and tough Charley Strack to a 30-minute draw.

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