Russell Is Aspirant To Wrestling Crown

The Gazette – May 23, 1944

“Rebel Bob” Russell may become a figure in the battle to decide whose going to meet Sandor Szabo next, first chapter of which will be staged at the Forum Wednesday night, with Yvon Robert meeting Leo Numa, and the Masked Marvel tackling clever Regis Siki, the Sengalese star, in one-fall matches both to a finish.

Russell, one of the hardiest grapplers in the game, was matched last night to meet Paul Lortie.  Lortie weighs 215 pounds, and is one of the fastest wrestlers in Canada.  Russell defeated Bob Lortie, Paul’s brother, last week, and Paul is now seeking to avenge the family name.  Russell has defeated nearly every big-name wrestler in the business, but his tactics are such that he has run out of opponents.  He insists that the bigger names are avoiding him but, if he beats the bigger Lortie, will press his claims.

Robert returns to the city tomorrow.  Faced with another fork in the roads of his career, definitely running downward if he loses to Numa, Robert will be in the first-rate shape.  Numa specializes on a leg attack, a department in which Robert is reported to be weak, and the big blonde from the West coast believes his leg trip, or flying toe-hold, will force Robert down and win him the match with Szabo.  The Masked Marvel has similar ambitions as he meets Siki.  The Marvel, hard-locking protégé of Ed Strangler Lewis, has beaten every opponent here, except Numa, knocking out Larry Moqquin with his head-lock last week.  He is regarded by many as a possibility to get preference for a title bout with Szabo, over the Robert-Numa winner.

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