Big Russian Will Wrestle Masked Marvel

Elmira Star-Gazette – October 20, 1916

Ivan Michaloff, Who Wears His Native Costume On The Street, Booked To Appear At The Lyceum Theater Next Wednesday.

Ivan Michaloff 10-20-1916

Famous Russian Cossack, who has met all the best wrestlers in Europe, South America and this country, will wrestle to finish against the Masked Marvel at Lyceum next week – Michaloff is acknowledged the best mat artist in Russia.

Elmirans will enjoy a big carnival of wrestling at the Lyceum theater next Wednesday evening, when Mortimer Henderson, better known to wrestling fans as, “The Masked Marvel,” will meet Ivan Michaloff, the Russian Cossack champion, in a finish match, catch-as-catch-can, best two falls out of three.

Michaloff has met and defeated all the best wrestlers in Russia and South America.  He also has made his name feared by the heavyweight mat artists in this country, where his prowess has met with success on the mat.

The big Russian wears his native costume all the time, except when in action, and consequently Elmirans will undoubtedly get a glimpse of him on the street before they go to the Lyceum.


“The Masked Marvel” is too well known here to need introduction.  He was the sensation of the big wrestling tournament held in New York city last winter.  On Labor Day the “Masked Marvel” made his first appearance here since he wrestled the world’s champion at the Armory on East Church street about six years ago.  He was pitted against the Swedish champion, who gave the “Masked Marvel” a wonderful tussle, and might have succeeded in throwing the big fellow but for the toe hold, to which he finally was obliged to succumb, giving up the last fall rather than allow his shoulders to be pinned to the mat.


Ivan Michaloff is a superior wrestler to the Swede champion, who met “The Masked Marvel” here on Labor Day, and is capable of putting up a wonderful battle.  The big fellows are evenly matched and lovers of good, clean sport are promised a wonderful exhibition.

There will be some exceptional preliminary features, assuring the fans here and the surrounding cities and towns a carnival of wrestling it has never been their pleasure to witness in Elmira.

The event will be held in the Lyceum, and the sport will be clean and wholesome.  Ladies and gentlemen both will be on hand to see the biggest sporting event of the season next Wednesday evening.

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