Yukon Eric Wins 2 Falls; Midgets Amuse Mat Fans

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – February 6, 1958

Marvel Unmasked

They unmasked ‘The Masked Marvel” last night at the War Memorial before an assemblage of about 1,000 fans but his identity was not divulged. After unmasking, the loser covered his face with his hands and ran into the dressing room.

Ruffling the dignity of the vaunted winner of 6 consecutive bouts was Yukon Eric Holmbach, who managed a best-of-three-falls win to highlight the Rochester Wrestling Club’s weekly mat show.

As an exhibition of skill the fracas lacked lustre but the ponderous Alaskan did come through with a rousing finish to beat the 11 p.m. curfew by some three minutes.

OUT OF THE RING throughout most of the opening fall, Eric climbed back through the ropes to take several severe kicks and body blows before falling into a body press. The Marvel took some of his own medicine in the second heat and dropped like a stunned (?) ox after bouncing off the ring ropes and running into Eric’s rock-hard chest.

The climax came after some 8 minutes of the final fall when Eric, apparently nettled, lifted the mystery man across his shoulders like a yoke to score with a back-breaker.

Even without the outcome of the feature, the evening was complete for the ring-siders, who relished the performance of four midget performers in an Australian tag team semifinal. Displaying more gimmicks than a carnival pitchman, Lord Littlebrook and Tiny Tim Girard romped to a best-of-three-falls decision over Ivan the Terrible and Irish Jackie.

IN TWO pleasing tussles, “Farmer Boy” Townsend went to a draw with Fred Atkins and popular Roy McClarity toiled to no decision against Joe Blanchard.

The opener saw Baron Gattoni, one of matdom’s real meanies, earn a 9-minute decision over Martino Angelo with a flying mare and body press.

Main Event

Yukon Eric Holmbach def. The Masked Marvel, two of three falls. First fall. The Masked Marvel, body press, 5 minutes; second fall, Yukon Eric, body press, 9 minutes; third fall, Yukon Eric, backbreaker, 8 minutes.


Lord Littlebrook and Tiny Tim Girard def. Ivan the Terrible and Irish Jackie, two of three falls, midget Australian tag team match. First fall, Ivan and Jackie, 13 minutes; second fall, Littlebrook and Girard, 5 minutes; third fall, Littlebrook and Girard, 8 minutes.


Roy McClarity and Joe Blanchard wrestled to a draw. 20-minute time limit.

“Farmer Boy” Townsend and Fred Atkins wrestled to a draw, 20-minute time limit.

Baron Gattoni def. Martino Angelo, flying mare and body press, 9 minutes.

Officials: Referee, Ray Arlaukus; judges, Austin Wagner and Matt Guzzetta; timer, Sam Gupp; announcer, Midge Ackerman

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