George Calza Throws Lutze In Two Falls

Los Angeles Times – December 19, 1935

George Calza, the Italian wrestler, might have been “unknown” before, but Nick Lutze, popular Venice mat man, became acquainted with him in the worst way possible last night – on the mat at the Olympic Auditorium.

With 8000 fans looking on, Calza won two straight falls from Lutze and established himself as the leading mat villain in these parts. His victory is expected to earn him a shot at Vincent Lopez’s heavyweight crown in the near future.

Calza annexed the first fall in 22m. 32s. with a whirl slam. The Italian put Nick in a bad way with four consecutive toeholds, Lutze’s digit being in Calza’s possession for approximately 15 minutes before George decided to turn on the heat.

Wasting no time, the Italian came back to win the second fall and the match in 1m. 11s. Clamping a devastating interlocking toe hold on the beach grappler, Calza forced him to give up in order to escape further punishment.

The semifinal match between Gino Garibaldi, sinister Sicilian, and Chief Little Wolf, redskin terror, resulted in a draw when neither grappler could return to the ring within the prescribed time limit after Garibaldi had flung Wolf through the ropes and followed him out. Both were injured when they fell down a short flight of stairs leading down from the ring.

Garibaldi won the first fall in 17m. 55s. with a series of body slams, followed by a barrage of left hooks, while the Chief won the second spasm in 1m. 16s. with an Indian death grip, the pain of the hold forcing the Sicilian to give in.

Kimon Kudo, clever oriental, needed but 5m. 23s. to dispose of Luis Mayo of Mexico, bringing into play a Japanese arm lock that rendered the Mexican hors de combat.

Milo Steinborn pinned Sun Jennings, huge Indian, in 3m. 38s. with a back-drop slam.

Stanford’s former weight star, Casey Kazanjian, drop-kicked the Terrible Turk, Ahmet Youssoff, into dreamland in 12m. 33s. and Len Macaluso, ex-Colgate gridder, tackled Joe Varga into a state of submission in 8m. 27s.

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