Gino Garibaldi To Meet ‘Mask’

Washington Post – January 31, 1945

Gino Garibaldi, the venerable Italian, meets Yellow Mask tonight in the headline grapple on the Turner Arena card, with “Dutch” Rohde, fair haired idol of the Arena mat faithful, opposing rough, snorting Angelo Savoldi in another banner scramble.

Both matches are a part of the stellar heavyweight competition at the W st. hall, what with the present market of brawling beefies being the biggest in recent years. Garibaldi is hounding Champ Babe Sharkey for a showdown in a title duel. However, Gino may find his spaghetti scrambled tonight by the Mask, as the latter has won 15 matches here.

Jumpin’ Joe Savoldi, absolutely no relation to Angelo Savoldi, soon will enter the Arena tournament in his comeback to the mat realm after serving several months in the Military North African and Italian campaigns. The French Angel, Don Evans and possibly Rudy Dusek also have been signed by Promoter Joe Turner, and the winners of tonight’s tangles probably will be herded against one of these top-ranking challengers.

The prelim matches tonight list: Ace Freeman vs. John Vansky, Mike Orloff vs. Pat McKay, and Pierre De Glane vs. Strongman Milo Steinborn.

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