Maybe Not

Fort Wayne News – May 20, 1916

CHICAGO, Ill. — Frank Gotch may never wrestle Joe Stecher. The world’s champion is in Chicago consulting a specialist in stomach troubles, and he is in bad shape physically. He says he will never go into the ring unless he is in perfect shape, which now seems improbable.

Gotch has been unable to retain food, and for several weeks he has been losing weight steadily. He is now down to 185 pounds, which is about forty-five pounds lighter than his average weight when not in training.

Even when in training Gotch weighed around 210, and when he defeated Hackenschmidt here the last time he weighed 215.

Gotch is in such a bad way that he has canceled a contract with the Sells-Floto circus people, refusing to go even part of the way on the circuit.

2 responses to “Maybe Not

  1. 6 months later Gotch was dead.

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      Yeah… it really makes me sad to think about how young he died. He could have been champion for years and years to come.

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