Lewis to Meet Zbyszko

The New York Times – April 13, 1921

Champion Wrestler Will Defend Title in Benefit Bout for Irish.

The last important wrestling bout of the local season will be held May 6 at the Seventy-first Regiment Armory for the benefit of the Irish Relief Fund.  On that occasion Ed (Strangler) Lewis, giant Kentuckian, will defend his heavyweight championship against Stanislaus Zbyszko, veteran Polish grappler.  The men will wrestle one fall.  Promoter Jack Curley is conducting the match.  Curley expects, in view of the fact that the proceeds will be donated to the Irish cause, and also because of the championship element of the match, that the receipts will exceed any recorded here this season.

The match has been in process of making for several weeks.  Zbyszko has been eager for a crack at the title and has declared himself ready to engage Lewis in a match in which the barred headlock is permitted.  Zbyszko’s victory over Joe Stecher recently made the burly Pole a natural rival for Lewis, and, following the champion’s victory over John Pesek, the match was arranged.  This will be the first match between Lewis and the elder Zbyszko.

2 responses to “Lewis to Meet Zbyszko

  1. I love that NYT gave space to pro wrestling.

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      They’re actually one of my favorite sources for articles. They tended to put more effort forth in their descriptions and often included photos or illustrations. I try to include the illustrations and photos whenever possible.

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