Ed Smith Says Tom Jones To Make Willard A Champ

Chicago American – April 1913
By Ed. W. Smith

Tom Jones really is going to manage Jess Willard, the elongated “white hope.” Further, Jess isn’t ungrateful and is going to make amends to Charley Cutler, the heavyweight wrestler who brought him out and grub-staked him while he was preparing himself for tests in the early stages of his ring career.

This information is contained in a telegram just received from Tom Jones, who is in San Francisco at the present time. Tom announces that negotiations now are under way because Willard “finds that I am in a position to get him big money.”

And Jones adds naively that he surely will make a champion out of Willard. Surely that is reason enough for forming an alliance.

Further, along in his wire, Tom imparts the information that Willard “wants to be right with Cutler and will compensate him liberally.”

Fine work for the elongated Kansan. He always said he was willing to do what was right with Cutler, but because Charley had his own wrestling business to attend to, which was enough for any one man to handle successfully, he believed he would do better with some other manager. That’s why Jones came to Chicago not so very long ago and in a businesslike manner made a proposition to Cutler for a transfer of the good-will of the agreement between him and Willard. Jones offered $2,500, though there was nothing but a verbal contract existing. Cutler held out for $10,000, and the amount was scoffed at by Jones as being far too high.

There was no chance of the men reaching an agreement, and Jones went away, still stating that his offer of $2,500 would be permitted to stand any time Cutler wanted to consider it. Jones stated at the time that he didn’t like Willard’s method of training, and if he took him things would have to be changed around some and that Jess would have to get out of bed before noon and go out on the road for the purpose of improving his wind, which Jones saw at once was mighty bad in his fight with a novice in Fort Wayne, Ind. Not long after the contest with Jack Leon in the same ring Willard disappeared, leaving Cutler flat. He never made any explanation to Cutler further than to say that he was going home.

Hence Cutler is out some $2,500 on the deal, which amount he might have obtained from Jones without any argument. Cutler didn’t seem to mind that half as much as he did the manner he was dropped by the big fellow. Cutler is now in the vicinity of Montreal, filling some wrestling engagements.

From the general tone of Jones’ telegram, there is little doubt that he will grab Willard an also has the promise out thereof some pretty fair matches for the big fellow. Whatever else may be said of Jones, he is one of the greatest of the present-day managers and proved it time and again by the keen manner in which he handled the affairs of both Billy Papke and Ad Wolgast. He made a fortune for the latter, taking him when he looked anything but a great prospect and whipping him into such shape that he grabbed the title away from Battling Nelson a little later on.

Both Tom McCarey and Jimmy Coffroth feel kindly toward Jones, for he has made both of them a lot of money with his several fighters. Hence his statement, which is surely correct, that he is in a position to get some real big money with the man from Kansas.


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