Society Likes Wrestling

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – March 19, 1931

If wrestling starts up here the society editors may find themselves overworked a little, for in the revival of the ancient game, the people with names that are dear to society editors are going in for wrestling in a big way.

A Philadelphia man who knows wrestling from the headlock down to the big toe scissors tells me his patronage is made up of 40 per cent women and that of that 40 per cent not a few rate mention in the social register.

It is entirely possible, therefore, that if the game gets a hold here the society reporters will be calling upon Mr. John Hernon at Motor Square Garden to give a list of the front pew holders.

The story of the revival of wrestling would serve the purposes of a writer for a big business magazine.  In Boston there is a man named Paul Bowser, sometime of Monaco, Pa., remembered, too, as the husband of Cora Livingston, one-time famed woman wrestler, who has amassed a half million dollars.

Another man in the promotion end of the game owns a villa in Italy, to say nothing of a pince nez that hangs elegantly on black thread across his vest.

A third owns vast holdings in Canada.  And so on.

The sport has a backing that figures no expense too high in re-establishing itself.

The game is given an international tinge by the development of stars of various nationalities.  Scouts in Europe comb the field for colorful performers.  A wrestling promoter gives almost as many whoops when he finds a wrestler with whiskers as a cartoonist gives when he finds a subject with a prominent nose or a bald head.

A studied effort will be made to interest the best people in wrestling here, it is learned but, of course, John Q. Public, sans pedigree, will also be welcome if he lays it on the line.


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