Mystery Man In Fourth Straight Win

San Jose News – November 18, 1943

Keeps Mask

Casey Draws With Kayo Koverly In Semi-Windup

The “Green Phantom,” latest hooded mystery man of the mat game, chalked up his fourth straight victory here last night by disposing of Hans Schnabel, the powerful Dutchman, in the one-hour main event.

A capacity house attended last night’s matches.

Going to work before the bell sounded, Mister X knocked Schnabel from the ring several times before he won the opening fall in just seven minutes with a drop kick.

The Dutchman recovered sufficiently to win the second fall with a body press in five minutes and 40 seconds.

Seven minutes and 18 seconds later the match ended with the Phantom the victor as he applied a body press to subdue Schnabel.

Irish Jimmy Casey and George (Kayo) Koverly went to a draw in the 45-minute semi-windup bout.  The Irishman won the first fall with a Killarney flip, and Koverly evened the match by taking the second with a body press.  Cy (Cry Baby) Williams acted as Koverly’s second.

Alberto Corrello, the Cisco Kid, won the opening bout from Pat (Bald Eagle) Riley with a leg lock.

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