Shadows Of The Past

Savannah Morning News – February 13, 1933
By I.C. Brenner

Ernest Roeber is seventy-three years old, yet physically fit to romp around the mat for an hour or more refereeing championship wrestling matches. He often is booed because he has slowed up a bit and cannot get out of the way of flying tackles quickly enough to suit those who think that he interferes with the wrestlers too much, but the fans admit that there isn’t an official in the game today who knows more about wrestling and is more capable than the veteran Roeber.

Ernest is the dean of the New York State staff of wrestling officials and obtains the best assignments. There are three good reasons for this favoritism. First, Ernest is a personal friend of William Muldoon, the Grand Old Man of Sport, who is a member of the commission. Second, Ernest has been longer in the game than any man in the sport today. And third, because he is fearless and refuses to stand for any nonsense.

Roeber, former champion who preceded Gotch and Hackenschmidt, was a master of wrestling technique. Not only was he adept in his specialty but he knew considerable about boxing and often was hired as trainer to the leading figures in pugilism. Roeber trained Bob Fitzsimmons for several of his fights, including that in which he beat Jim Corbett for the title with a solar plexus punch. He accompanied William Muldoon on many of that famous wrestler’s tours.

Now his hair is gray. His forehead is wrinkled. His eyes are not quite as sharp as they were when he was in his prime and his legs are not as nimble as they used to be, but he still leads ‘em all when it comes to handling the big men in the ring.


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  1. Glad you’re back

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      Haha! Thanks. I may not be the most regular poster but this is definitely a project that I won’t let die.

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