Russian Wins Fast Contest

The Argus – November 15, 1937

Wrestling Season Ends

Wrestling of a high standard was presented by Matros Kirllenko (16.1) the Russian who defeated Francois Fouche (6.9), the debonair Frenchman, by two falls to one at West Melbourne Stadium on Saturday night. It was the last match of the season.

Kirilenko although outpointed by the variety and brilliance of Fouche’s attacks in the first four rounds seized his opportunity in the fifth and sixth rounds when the Frenchman injured himself.

In the opening round Fouche with amazing speed clamped on a wristlock and with a dexterous pivot swung under the Russian and scissored his head in mid-air Kirllenko despite his strength and agility was unable to combat his opponents versatility. He was baulked at every turn and subjected to unorthodox counters and at 3min. 12sec. was pressed to the mat from a bewildering series of spine-jarring headlocks shoulder charges and flying body scissors completed with a spectacular somersault from which he was powerless to escape. Kirllenko was vexed by the rapidity of Fouche’s coup and his temporary lapse of temper in the second round almost proved his undoing, for Fouche reversed a body scissors into a giant spin and almost succeeded in gaining his second fall from a Boston crab.

However, Kirllenko was able to wriggle his Kirilenko gradually wore down Fouche’s strength and with halches and forward headlocks tossed the Frenchman through and over the ropes. Kirilenko gained the equalising fall from a terrific slamming halch and body press in the fifth round. As Fouche catapulted from the ropes in the sixth to charge Kirilenko, the Russian sidestepped and secured the deciding fall as Fouche crashed dazed on to the mat.

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