O’Shocker Claims Offer To ‘Fix’ Wrestling Bout

Associated Press – April 11, 1933

ST. LOUIS – Pat O’Shocker, professional wrestler, stated here today that last September in New Haven, Conn., he had been offered $15,000 and then $25,000 if he would agree to have his match with Jim Londos, title claimant, fixed so he, O’Shocker, would win.

O’Shocker’s charges were inspired by the mystifying conclusion of last Friday night’s Chicago match in which Joe Savoldi, former Notre Dame football star who had not been given an outside chance to win from Londos, was awarded the winning fall by the referee.

O’Shocker said he refused to join in the deal at New Haven even when the $15,000 offer was raised to $25,000 and that the match went on with Londos winning.


2 responses to “O’Shocker Claims Offer To ‘Fix’ Wrestling Bout

  1. I’d love to read more about the transitional stage of wrestling from pure contests to worked matches.

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      There’s plenty of stuff out there (and on this site). It’s a little hard to sift out what is reality and what is a work though. It’s theoretically possible that some legit wrestling matches were still happening up through the 1910s… maybe 1920s but beyond that I’m 99% sure everything was a work. Everyone just acted like it wasn’t.

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