Grapplers Told To Behave

Los Angeles Times – January 6, 1933

CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 5 (AP) — No more rough-house or burlesque wrestling goes in Chicago.

No longer will the big, hairy chested mammoths of the mat be allowed to toss each other out of the ring, exchange bites, slug each other and indulge in other monkey business to the huge delight of the spectators.

In the future wrestlers must wrestle, or be fined, suspended, or both.

Gen. John V. Clinnin, chairman of the Illinois State Athletic Commission, made known his stand today, after one of the wrestling boys, Lou Plummer, of South Bend, Ind., took a few wallops at the referee in a recent match. Plummer was ordered to appear before the commission next Monday for discipline.

Gen. Clinnin said that present wrestling was nothing more than “horseplay;” that they were not contests, and nothing more than exhibitions of tossing each other around – a burlesque on the Roman arena.

“I am sick and tired of this monkey business,” Gen. Clinnin said. “Wrestlers must wrestle or get out.

“These fellows go through the same act all over the country. In some places the referees are part of the act, but in Illinois they are representatives of the state and must uphold the dignity.

“These exhibitions are not even amusement; they don’t approach it. These wrestlers either go to a draw for a stipulated number of minutes, or one of them lays down, according to an arranged program. It is no longer a sport. They bite each other, trade blows, and go through other horseplay for no other purpose than to work on the passion of the spectators. They are fooling the people by claiming to put on a contest where there is no contest to it.”

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